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Autism Awareness T-Shirts


April is Autism Awareness month and many of your customers may be looking for T-shirts for the various events. This is a special cause of the GroupeSTAHL family, as all proceeds from last year’s Great Race were directed toward autism charities.

Autism Awareness uses the puzzle piece as a symbol for the struggle against autism. This symbol reflects the mystery and complexity of the autism disorder.

The new Transfer Express Easy View® has made creating shirts for important events like this easier than ever. The most popular events are walks that raise money.

Below I started with layout QEV-118, changing the text to meet my needs. I then selected the shoe clip art and ungrouped so I could add a little color to my kicks! I then added the name of my team for the walk. Finally, I added the puzzle piece clip art symbol to my shoe. I have absolutely no art talent and was able to create this in just minutes.

Custom T-Shirt Design for Autism Awareness

Layout QEV-118 customized with a team name.









Another popular event is an awareness day where shirts are sold to raise money for a donation. I wanted to help a local school with this and wanted more color! This was going to be a large order, with the larger quantity they could afford to add color. Colors will help increase sales. Here is what they decided on! With this one, I started with layout QFD-29. This layout had stars in the square and I replaced these with the puzzle piece clip art in different sizes using the duplicate button. I then added my colors! With the new Easy View, you can even add the apparel so they can see what it will look like on the shirt.

Customized Autism Awareness Design on Shirt

After you customize a layout, preview your design on apparel.








I also had a group that wanted window decals. This product offers unlimited color at no additional cost so I used a very colorful ribbon we have as clip art. Non-apparel like stickers, window clings, banners and window decals are just as easy in Easy View!

Custom Shirt Design for Autism Awareness

Customize your designs using Easy View. Pick your colors and more!









Start creating and help raise money for your cause!



Try Our New Easy View Custom Transfer Designer


Now creating custom transfers is easier than ever. With the new “beta” Easy View, you can still use any of our 5000+ professionally created art layouts to start your design. It’s just as easy to change text and clip art. But with the new, you can also add additional clip art, add additional lines of text, make text and art bigger or smaller, add colors to wherever is needed, add your own watermark, put the design on a shirt, shorts or tote in the ink and shirt colors you want, and email it to your customer!

If you are feeling creative, you are not limited to just our layouts. Use our huge collection of clip art and font choices to create your own design. Add your watermark, show it on your apparel choice, and send it off to your customer.


share your custom designs with your customers

Preview and send your custom T-shirt design to your customer.

All of the designs you create are saved in your own library for future use, or can be ordered with a click of a button.

The new Easy View is not limited to custom transfers for apparel either. You can create your own art for window decals, clings, stickers and banners, too.

If you are an active customer, login at and select a layout. You are given a choice to try the new “beta” version or to use the trusty old. You can place orders on the beta version, or just give it a test drive. If you have any feedback, there is a feedback button in the upper right corner. We are working to make it even better before its full release.

If you are new to Transfer Express, it is easy to get started. Your account is set up at the time of your first order, giving you access to the new designer on your future orders. A perfect first order is the marketing kit, which is basically your business in a box, with the tools needed to sell custom apparel.


new online T-shirt designer

Customize as much as you like in the new Easy View.

Did you survive the Polar Vortex?


Most of the Northeast United States has been in a deep freeze for the last couple of weeks caused by what the weathermen are calling a “polar vortex”. We can complain or celebrate our resilience with a T-shirt!

The Easy Prints® layouts are perfect for these trends that come up quickly and leave just as fast. They allow you to capture the moment (and sales). With the easy to use art already done, you can just add your text and let us know the ink color. A 1 color order ships the same day when ordered by 11 am EST so you will be sure to get your transfers in before the snow melts.

Here are a few ideas our staff created with the Easy Prints layout noted. You can see how a layout from any section can be customized to meet your needs.

Custom T-shirt Layout QHL-12

Easy Prints layout QHL-12


Customized Easy Prints layout

Easy Prints layout QEV-138


Customized Print for Hoodie using Layout QHK-65

Easy Prints layout QHK-65


Custom Easy Prints layout QHK-93

Easy Prints layout QHK-93

Custom Heat Transfers Go to the Beach


In this week’s ideas for holiday gift giving, we make some items we can all use. If you are in warm weather, the gift will be an instant hit. For those of us in the colder climates, it will make the gift recipient think of the days to come or have them ready for a needed vacation at their favorite resort.

Heat printed gifts for the beach

Beach basket created with screen printed transfer layout QRT-19 from Transfer Express

The first item we printed was the beach bag. In a previous blog we showed you how to raise the print area only of this type of bag so that the straps do not create a pressure problem with your transfer application. All you need is a foam mouse pad, cut to a size to slide into the pocket, raising the print area only.

The same transfer was used on our koozie. Koozies are polyester so any of our transfer types will work and you can see how this Goof Proof® transfer is front and center of your cold drink. Include your favorite beverage in the koozie for an extra treat!

Next, we used our full size image from our gang sheet (a sheet with more than one image, in this case it included a full size 11” print and a couple of smaller 3” prints). We applied this to a promotional beach towel using the standard application instructions.

The last item we included was personalized plastic stemware. We used the same art and created custom stickers. These stickers are full color, look great and add a personal touch. Using custom stickers on plastic stemware is also a great idea for parties. Create an entire set for the New Year’s Eve party you will be hosting very economically.

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Add Bling To Spring – New Rhinestone Sports Ball Transfers


Our new line of stock rhinestones is the perfect addition to your spring sales. They coordinate perfectly with our Easy Prints® customizable layouts! Be creative and make your own choices or use one of our layouts that were created and sized for the rhinestone transfers.

The sports ball line includes a baseball/softball, volleyball, soccer ball, basketball and football.   Each is 3” in size (football is 4″ x 2.5″) and a crystal rhinestone. First apply the screen printed transfer (that has an open space for the Rhinestone), then position and apply the rhinestone transfer (in the open space – Rhinestones must apply directly to the shirt). Don’t forget to use a cover sheet when adding the rhinestone so your screen printed transfer doesn’t end up on the top of your heat press!

We have also added a 2” x 6” Mom script that will add that sparkle to your custom printing for everyone’s favorite fan! Add to the top or bottom of the print or use in the center of a layout.

With the addition of rhinestones, you can add to your profits. Printwear magazine states that by adding rhinestones to your printing, you can add $10 to your selling price!

Rhinestone compatible layouts:

Rhinestone Ready Layouts

Rhinestone Ready Layouts  – 3.25″ : Compatible with 3″ rhinestone designs

Rhinestone Ready Layouts – 4″ : Compatible with 3.5″ rhinestone designs

Rhinestone Ready Layouts – 5″ : Compatible with 4.5″ rhinestone designs

new rhinestones combined with layout

Combine our rhinestone transfers with our screen printed transfers using our rhinestone ready layouts.

New Ink Colors – More Shades of Gray and Glitter Pink too


You can now order your custom screen printed transfers in more ink colors! We have added three new colors bringing the number of available plastisol ink colors to 75!

We have added two new “shades of gray!” The first is a new addition to our metallic line, called metallic graphite. This is a dark gray color, almost black with metallic sheen. It will be a great addition to your fashion color choices when you want to go dark but still have a little flair. We have also added the other extreme to our shades of gray, very light gray called cement. Use cement when you want a color to be in the background. It is perfect to use with many of the new Great Dane Graphics layout choices with the wings and swirls, making the text and clip art the color of the school, company or team and the intricate shapes cement. It creates a nice tone on tone look.

new ink color - metallic graphite

Metallic Graphite - a dark gray with a metallic sheen

new screen printed ink color - cement

Cement is a new lighter gray ink color, perfect to use as a background shade.

Our third new color is an addition to our glitter line of screen printed inks. It is Glitter Pink. Your cheerleaders and dance teams will love this new addition. All glitter ink colors can be combined with other glitter colors for multi-color prints.

new screen printed ink color - glitter pink

Glitter Pink is a new ink color in our glitter collection, perfect for cheerleading and dance teams.

The new colors have been added to our 2013 color selector, or if you just want a sample of one of them, give us a call!

New Ideas to Sell to Schools – Locker Graphics


Looking for a new item to sell to schools? Try Locker Graphics. These can be ordered in full color from provided artwork, or using any of our layouts. They can be applied to lockers, walls, glass, mirrors, books or any smooth surface. And the best part– they are removable and can be applied again, leaving no marks on the surface. Use them at school and then let the student take them home to put on their own door. Or as playoffs approach, and your team travels, use them on hotel doors to cheer on the team, and take them off when they check out.

Our best ideas come from our customers, and one last week had a good idea for their use. She had us add a white banner (our clip art X17A-271) on the one of our 3D Locker Layouts, and she wrote in each student’s name in the blank area of the banner. The graphics are being used to identify each student’s locker. At the end of the year, they will be sent home as a keepsake.

Locker graphics have a low $25 minimum and are priced by size. At a 4”x4” size, they are under $1 each!

Layout shown: 3D-308 with a banner added

Locker Graphics

Locker Graphics are a great way to identify students' lockers in a classroom.

Top Design of 2012 Announced And Three Lucky Customers win $50 Off Their Order


Thank you to everyone who voted on our new trendy Easy Prints®, customizable layouts by our own Great Dane Graphics. Many voted, but three rose to the top as the top three layouts. They are Easy Prints layout QLW-60, QBK-180 and QSW-47. All three of these had the fashion look like you find at Abercrombie or Hollister. They are easy to make your own by just changing the text, and choosing a clip art, colors and size. If you are a current dealer, you can preview a proof on your free Easy View™, or if you are new to Transfer Express, your order can be placed by phone.

Our three lucky voters were also chosen and they are Arthur from Initial Reaction, Karla from Personal Pizazz and Leyland from String it Up. Each won $50 towards their next order! Congratulations!

Easy Prints Layout QLW-60

Easy Prints® layout QLW-60 voted the number one design for 2012