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Ordering a Color Change in Easy View


A color change is when you change the color of your print from one ink color to another. The advantage of a color change is that you get the price break of the entire order and there is just a small fee ($15) for the service. For example, you might order 25 in black ink, 75 gold ink and you will be ordering at the 100 price break with a $15 charge, which will save you money.

In Easy View®, this is a simple step. Below we show school layout QSL-190 in black ink to go on a gold shirt.

Custom T-shirt Layout QSL-190

First customize a layout with one of your color choices.

To add our color change we will click on “Edit” next to the word Color Change in the right side order summary column. It is just under the Image Quantity. You will now see your order so far.

custom transfer color change

Click on “Edit” in the right hand column to choose the ink colors you would like to change.

Click the “Add Color Change” button and make your color change. In this example we are changing the black ink to gold ink, and the gold shirt color to black. This is a common color change for a school so we have prints for both of their school colors.


custom transfer layout switched to a new ink color

Choose the new colors you would like to change the ink and fabric colors to.

You can also use the share feature to show your customer both color combinations, by using the “Choose Design” choice at the top of the preview screen, and changing Base Design to Color Change 1.

Preview your custom transfer design

Preview and share your design with your color changes.


Resizing an Easy Prints® Layout, Clip Art and Text in Easy View®


Easy View® allows you as a designer to adjust many aspects of a design from colors to size. Changing the size of a the text, clip art or entire design gives you the flexibility to create an unlimited amount of unique design possibilities.

In the video above, we give you a quick overview of how to change the size. Read further to get a step-by-step description of what it’s like to have the power of changing your layout size.

Sizing the design as a whole:

To size the entire design as a whole, first you need to select the design. Left click with your mouse and drag a dotted green box around the entire layout. (see below) You can easily change the size by clicking on any one of the green arrows on the corner of the box and drag out to make the design bigger or drag in to make the design smaller.

Entire design box

If you look to the left column under “Customize Layout” “Edit All” you will see the option to be a little more specific with the size you need. You can type in the width or height and click “Ok” to confirm your selection. Next to these size fields, you will see a “lock” symbol. Clicking this button will allow you to “Lock” or “Unlock” the aspect ratio. This means the proportional relationship between it’s width and it’s height. Keep it “locked” if you’d like the proportions to stay the same, and “unlocked” to not keep the design in proportion to its original set proportions.


Sizing text or clip art in the layout:

To size the text or clip art inside the layout is very similar to sizing the design as a whole. Simply click on the text or clip art you’d like to resize. The green dotted box will appear around your selection and you have two options. Click on any one of the corner triangles and drag in or out to increase or decrease the size. The size will be reflected in the left column under “Edit Text”. The other option is to manually input the needed size in the left column.

Clip art size


Don’t think we’re stopping here! Stay tuned for even more features of Easy View®!


Using Your Own Clip Art in Easy View®


Although we have the largest collection of clip art in the industry, there are times when a school or company has their own logo they want to use in layouts. If you have a unique logo you would like us to add, the custom clip art (CCA) service is available.

To get started, you will first need to use your art in an order. Your artwork needs to be sent through our site,, by selecting “Send us your artwork”. Once the order with the art is received, our team will process the order. To add the art to Easy View for future orders, just ask your representative to set up a custom clip art. There is just a $15 fee to have this art saved for use in Easy View.

Now when you use Easy View, under Add Clip art, you will see the “From my CCA’s” (custom clip art) option:

how to add a custom clip art to your layout

Click on the “Add Clip Art” button to select your custom clip art in the drop down menu.

The clip art you have saved will then be shown for you to make your selection.

Select your custom clip art

Choose from your available custom clip art collection.

Double click the image and bring it into your layout.

customized layout with a custom clip art

Change the placement, colors, and size like you would any clip art in the layout.


Creating Multi-Colored Transfer Designs with Easy View


The new Easy View® designer has made it so easy to create custom designs and to make those designs the colors that you need them to be. Check out the above video to get a quick tutorial on how to change the colors in your design. The video even goes as far as to break apart the pieces inside of a clip art and add different ink colors to the various sections of the clip art.

The first step when changing the ink colors in you custom design is to determine whether you would like to change the colors of the full design or just a part of the design. If changing the full design, simply click on any spot in the art board. If you are creating a one colored design, choose the color that you would like to replace black with. If you are creating a two colored design, change the see-through area as well.

Changing ink colors in the full transfer design

Go to ‘Customize Layout’ on the left-hand side of the screen to change the colors in your design. Left image: black and see-through – Right Image: gold replaces black and purple replaces see-through

When changing individual parts of the design, simply select the section that you would like to change the color of, and change the color in the ‘Customize Layout’ section on the left-hand side of the page. If you would like to change individual pieces in a clip art, select the clip art and use the ‘Un Group’ option under ‘Object’ at the top-center of the page.

Un Group pieces of clip art

Choose ‘Un Group’ under ‘Object’ to edit individual pieces in the clip art

This will make it so you can change individual pieces of the clip art. In the image below, the un grouped clip art has several different colors. The un grouping option allows you to make the Viking’s hair a different color than his face, horns, and helmet.

Grouped and Un Grouped Clip Art

Easy View makes it so easy to create your own custom designs for screen printed and digital transfers! Keep checking back throughout the month for more blog posts providing tips on using the Easy View designer, and keep an eye on the video section of our website for recently uploaded Easy View video tutorials!

Adding Additional Text or Clip Art


We’ve used one of the layouts and changed the text and clip art for our customer. But they now want to add an extra line of text and a clip art. Using Easy View®, this is easy. Shown here is QAL-14. We’ve already changed Compton to MENTOR, the eagle to a baseball and Eagles to BASEBALL.


Easy Prints Custom Transfer Layout QAL-14

Change your text and clip art as desired.

Adding additional text:

Select Add Text (blue button on the left)

A new text box will be shown:

Adding a Line of Text in Easy View

Add a line of text to a layout using the “Add Text” button on the left.

Type in the text needed, and select the font.

The added font will be shown on your print area.

Add a line of text to your Easy Prints layout.

Your new line of text appears in your layout.

Move the text to the position you want:

Edit new lines of text in layouts

Edit your new line of text to your desired location, font, color, and size.

To size, you can use the corners to enlarge or decrease. Or just enter the size. In this case, I made all text 11” wide. Now change the color of the added text to red. Rope the entire image and select “Align to Center” to be sure you have the items centered correctly.

Format your new line of Text

Format your new line of text as desired.

Now let’s add a baseball player inside the baseball, adding an additional clip art. Use the Add Clip Art button.  I want to add the baseball player X15a-212. When you select the clip art it will be on your screen.

Add a Clip Art to your Easy Prints Layout

Use the “Add Clip Art” button on the left to add additional clip art.

Now move it and size it as desired. Change the color to match the rest of our one color print.

Additional clip art and text added to layout QAL-14

Edit the size, placement, and colors of your added clip art.

Your design is now ready to be shared or ordered!



Adding Fun to Custom Transfer Layouts


Popular culture creates all kinds of unusual phrases that become popular for a short time. Capitalize on these trends by using them in your Easy Prints® custom transfer designs.

Use Easy View™, our online designer to try some out for your customer. Here are a couple using the eat, sleep phrase and the rock, paper, scissors game. With both layouts, we started with QLS-37 and added our clip art to make it work for a specific team. Once you find a phrase and layout they like, our design team can fine tune the design for you with our new free proofs. A small fee is charged to start the art, but that amount is credited toward your order once placed.

Easy Prints layout QLS-37 customized

Layout QLS-37 customized with popular sayings and teams.

Start with Easy View, and let us know if you want the size of a clip art changed, added text, or a different color placement. Our design team will make your enhancements and send it to you to show your customer. Text can be added at no additional charge above or below any layout, a great place to add a phrase.


Easy Prints layouts QFD-12 and QBK-21

Layouts QFD-12 and QBK-21 customized with trendy phrases.

Getting Trendy with Easy Prints


Trendy apparel items are easy to make with the Easy Prints® layouts and clip art!  Create transfers using popular sayings, common looks, and designs that will remind your customers of something that is currently in style.

Layout: QAL-64

Layout: QAL-64


Nerd Proud (QAL-64)

Nerd is in right now and this transfer design is a great way to let your customers show that they are a nerd and proud of it.

To create this design, start with Easy Prints® layout QAL-64. Change “Compton” to ‘Nerd’ and “Eagles” to ‘Proud.’ Omit clip art X17A-198.  Replace clip art X17A-63 (the leaves) with X17A-140 (the atom).  Replace clip art X2B-1 (the eagle head) with X19A-1 (filled-in circle) and add a note to your order that you would like the circle clip art small enough that it almost fits inside the two lines in the middle of the atom.


Layout: QAL-141

Layout: QAL-141


That’s What the Fox Said (QAL-141)

A lot of people have been asking what the fox says lately, with this design you can finally answer; that’s what the fox said.  This design can even tie in with the popular, ‘that’s what she said’ saying, with ‘she’ being the fox.

When creating this design, start with Easy Prints® layout QAL-141.  Omit the top and bottom lines of text, only leaving the two text lines in the middle.  Change “HEIGHTS” to ‘That’s’ and “CITY SCHOOLS” to ‘What I Said.’ Note that only the first letter of each word is capitalized.  Replace clip art X2B-1 (eagle head) with X2M-48 (fox).  Also note that the image of the fox is mirrored, putting  its head on the same side as the words.


Layout: QAL-4

Layout: QAL-4


Team 1, Team 2 (QAL-4)

You can turn the popular Thing 1 and Thing 2 into a sports competition theme (TEAM 1), a family reunion theme (SMITH 1, COUSIN 2), or even a vacation apparel choice (DAY 1).

You can create this design using Easy Prints® layout QAL-4.  First, change “COMPTON” to ‘TEAM’ and “EAGLES” to ‘1,’ changing the font of both to Comic Sans.  Note that you would like clip art X19A-2 (circle) behind the whole thing so that TEAM 1 is inside of the circle.  Also, add to the notes that you would like ‘1’ to be a decent size for the inside of the circle and that adjustments can be made to the size if needed.


Layout: QFB-52

Layout: QFB-52

Eat, Sleep, Cheer (QFB-52)

Eat, Sleep, and Your Activity is popular with sports teams.  It’s also really easy to make!  Depending on the layout that you choose to modify, you can simply add your activity or switch out clip art and words to make it fit your needs.

For this design, you can use the same layout used in the example, QFB-52, or use layout QLS-37, which already uses eat, sleep, and your activity.  When using layout QFB-52, remove the 4th line down (“HEART”) and the box next to it.  Note that the bottom sentence “This is COMPTON FOOTBALL” will need to be moved up to make up for the blank space.  Replace the clip art: X15H-35 (football player) is replaced with X4C-3 (silverware), clip art X15V-14 (lifting weight) changes to X17A-918 (sleeping), and X17A-92 (trophy) is replaced by X15E-35 (cheerleader).  Change the words: “HUSTLE” changes to ‘EAT,’ “SWEAT” turns to ‘SLEEP,’ and “DESIRE” is replaced with ‘CHEER.’ Change the last sentence (“This is COMPTON FOOTBALL”) to ‘We are CHEERLEADERS.’

Layout: QYT-5

Layout: QYT-5


Soft Kitty (QYT-5)

A lot of people are fans of soft and warm kitties, and recently they have been made even more popular through television show references.  This custom transfer t-shirt design will allow your customers to show that they are fans of soft kitties too!

This design can easily be created using layout QYT-5.  In this layout, change “COMPTON” to ‘SOFT’ and “DAY CARE” to ‘KITTY.’ Once the text has been changed, change the clip art.  This layout uses clip art X17A-120 (hands) in four different spots.  Change the larger clip art at the very bottom to clip art X2C-87 (kitty), the smaller clip art images at the top-right and bottom-left to clip art X2C-70 (two paw prints), and the medium sized clip art at the top-left to X2C-69 (paw print).


Do you have a trendy saying that you want to incorporate with your custom apparel transfer designs?  There’s a good chance that you can create them with Easy Prints®!  Use these designs the same way shown or use them as inspiration to make your own!

Last Minute Heat Printed Gifts


Time is running out, and your customer is looking for the perfect gift. Offer to personalize items they purchase with custom transfers. This creates a little extra profit at the end of the season and creates a satisfied customer.

Express Names™, numbers, and single color custom transfers, Easy Prints®, ship the same day when ordered by 11 AM EST so there is still time to order. Or order stock rhinestones or transfers until 3 PM EST for same day shipping. And with our exclusive Speedy Air that arrives in two days, your custom printed transfers will be at your door for that last minute application.

What can you do? Shown is a perfect example of how a custom printed transfer can add personalization to an item to increase value and importance to the customer. These car seat covers were purchased inexpensively at a local retailer and provided to a Transfer Express dealer to personalize. By adding just the name Eagle to the covers, the value was enhanced making it a perfect gift.

custom transfers heat printed onto car seat covers

Car seat covers personalized with custom transfers

In some of our previous blogs we used other retail purchased items like kitchen towels, a potholder, tennis shoes, hats and gloves, and added a custom transfer. So get creative and offer some last minute personalization!

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Create Unique Apparel with Easy Prints®


Customizing Easy Prints Layout QSO-156

These all use layout QSO-156! Change it to fit your customer’s needs!

Are you looking for a way to make your designs look unique but don’t want to spend too much money to get this distinctive look?  Try using Easy Prints®!  You can use the same look that the Easy Prints® layout already has or make it look completely different while keeping it at Easy Prints® pricing; it’s so easy to do!

Change the clip art, fonts, colors, and what the layout says for a custom look. You can even mix and match different looks using the same layouts.  Even with all of these changes these are all still the same layout, QSO-156, and are all priced as Easy Prints®!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Easy Prints® layouts – Find a layout that you can customize to your needs
  2. Easy Prints® clip art – Choose clip art that you can use to replace the current clip art in the layout
  3. Font chart – Looking to change the font, not a problem, you can use our font chart to determine which font best fits your needs
  4. Ink Color Chart – Choose your colors!  We provide examples of colors that you can use with our Ink Color Chart, though we suggest that you use the Color Selector from the Marketing Kit so that you can see what the colors look like when actually printed
  5. Use Easy View® to see what your layout looks like with the modifications that you make! (Simply log-in to and choose your layout to view it and make modifications in Easy View®)

It is so easy to make unique custom products using the Easy Prints® layouts!  Just use the clip art, fonts, and colors that we provide with Easy Prints® to modify layouts and create great custom designs!

Participate in Mustache November with Easy Prints Layouts


November! Turkey, football, cold weather, leaves and……mustaches? Yep, that’s correct! November has officially become synonymous with facial hair! Each year the month of November has been increasing in popularity by growing mustaches to help raise awareness of mens’ health issues. No Shave November was born and many male groups start with a clean shaven face and let it grow for 30 days. Throughout the month mustache’s are grown by men, women and children. Well, maybe women and children cannot literally grow a mustache but as garment decorators, you can help with this. You have an amazing amount of possibilities with your heat press to help people of all genders and ages spread awareness of mens’ health issues.

Contact local groups and businesses that cater to men to give them ideas of ways to participate in mustache November. Barber shops, bars, restaurants, sports leagues are just a few ideas to get you started. Create their shirts using Easy Prints® layouts from the Idea Book with a mustache clip art. We’ve even created a layout to help you get started and we’ll post more ideas here over the next couple weeks.

Easy Prints® layouts can be customized with mustache clip art.

Easy Prints® layouts can be customized with mustache clip art.