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Heat Printing Moves to the Kitchen


This week we will share heat printing ideas that will make a perfect hostess gift, or a gift for the chef in your house! All of these items were found at a dollar store. We then added some bling and customization and these could easily sell for $5 each, giving you a large profit!

Heat printed kitchen items for Christmas gifts

Heat print kitchen items using stock and rhinestone transfers and Express names for extra personalization. Shown are Christmas Transfers HOL-62 (Santa), HOL-65 (tree) and the rhinestone snowflake transfer RS-66.

The first item we heat printed was an apron. On this item we used one of our stock Christmas Extreme transfers and an Express Name™. We put Merry Christmas, but you could have easily added Mary’s Kitchen, Mom’s House, Chef Grandma or any personalization.

We also used our stock Christmas Extreme transfer on placemats. Use one of the multi-packs and each placemat can be different. Add the name of the person that will be sitting there for a special touch.

We then used the new rhinestone snowflake transfers to decorate an oven mitt, dish towel and pot holder. Rhinestone transfers can be applied to any item cotton, polyester or cotton/poly blends.

Again, we used Express Names for a more personal touch. We then put all of the items in a small basket and put a bow on it.

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Individual Name Screen Printed Transfers – How Can We Help?


Have you tried our screen printed individual name transfers? What do you think? How can we improve this service? We want to continue to improve and have a short survey to gather your feedback.

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Our individual Express Names, single item screen printed transfers, are great for individual personalization. This can be individual names, or custom text for just one shirt. They can also be used to order 1, 2, 2.5 and 3” numbers or even Twitter hash tags that can be applied to custom printed shirts.  Express Names are a great way to add name drops to our stock transfers too – we have stock transfers for Halloween, Christmas, St, Patrick’s Day, resort wear and a full line of fashion prints.

This past year we have added new styles so that Express Names now come in 5 different fonts – Full Block, Hercules, Arial, Vogue and Impress. We offer a choice of 4 letter heights – 1”, 2”, 2.5” and 3” sizes.   We also offer three formats – straight, arch and vertical; and 21 color choices. But what else do you need? Has the same day shipping helped your t-shirt business? We appreciate your business and are always looking for ways to meet additional needs.


Screen Printed Names

Choose from a variety of fonts, colors, sizes and formats for your individual screen printed name.

The Many Uses of Express Names™


Does your customer want just one shirt with a fun phrase? Do you want to add a name or number inside clip art? Personalizing every shirt or a bat bag for the baseball team? Does a basketball team want to put the sponsor name above the number on their jerseys? Have you ordered Peel & Press letters and run out of a letter?

These are just a few of the many uses of Express Names™. Express Names are screen printed plastisol ink that can be applied to anything cotton, polyester or a poly/cotton blend. Application takes just 4 seconds. They come to you ready to apply, pre-spaced on a release paper strip ready for application.   You can order as letters, numbers, or even symbols such as #, !, or ?. The order received is the same order you give them to us making your application organization easy.

Express Names are available in 1, 2, 2.5 and 3 inch letter height sizes. They can be ordered straight across, arched or vertical. There are 5 font choices – Arial, Full Block, Hercules, Impress and Vogue.

Color choices are :

  • White
  • Black
  • Bubblegum Pink
  • Burgundy
  • Columbia Blue
  • Dark Brown
  • Dark Green
  • Dolphin
  • Gold
  • Grey
  • Kelly Green
  • Maroon
  • Metallic Gold
  • Metallic Silver
  • Navy
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Royal
  • Texas Orange
  • Vegas Gold
Variations of Express Names screen printed transfers

Use Express Names for a single phrase, small numbers inside clip art, or a last name on a jersey.

How to Figure Out How Many Screen Printed Transfer Numbers are Needed


If you are ready to order screen printed transfer numbers for your customer’s jerseys and want to figure out how many numbers you will need as well as the cost, use one of our easy to use number calculators. There are several ways to use the calculator, which is found under the names & numbers tab on the home page under resources.

1. You know what you need—If you already know how many 5 packs you need, this is the quickest way to order and will give you the price. Use this only if you know how many packs you will need.

Number Pack Ordering

One way to order our screen printed numbers is by the Number Packs - 5 digits of one number in each pack.

2. You have a list of numbers – player’s chose their own numbers. You can add names if you will also be ordering Peel & Press letters for personalization. Or if you will be ordering Express Names™, enter the numbers only in this area

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3. Number Range – Use this when ordering consecutive numbers. For example, for a league you might have 6 teams that will be numbered 1-15.

Teams Calculator for Screen Printed Transfer Numbers

Use our Teams Calculator if you have multiple teams with sequentially numbered uniforms.

4. Digits – If you know how many of each digit you need, but not the best way to order such as 5 packs, Express Packs or a kit. This tool will help you figure out the best way to order.

Digits and Characters Calculator

Use this tool to figure out the best way to purchase screen printed transfer numbers if you know how many you need.


How Can Transfers Help Your League Sponsor Business?


Leagues can be one of your biggest potentials but also one of your most difficult jobs. Most leagues are on a tight budget, you are most likely part of the community so they want you to give them the best deal and volunteers are running the leagues and were delayed in getting started so they need them fast. Sound familiar? That is a summary of the league business, but transfers can really help make the entire process smoother.

Most leagues will want sponsor names on the uniforms. These sponsors pay for the league so it is a very important aspect of the league itself. If the baseball league has a tight budget, and who doesn’t, league sponsor ordering can lower your cost.

First, get together a list of all of the sponsors, the ink color needed for each team and the number of players on each team. Figure out what size letters will work best for your teams. The most popular size is 2” tall letters. Most teams have a variety of size shirts, so the typical width is 11”, which in most cases will fit on your youth small shirt, but also won’t look lost on your XL baseball coach’s shirt.

Now that you have all of the facts, choose a sponsor layout that matches the information you were provided. If you are using 2” letters, one order will take care of 6 teams. So first let’s put all of the white ink sponsors together. The first 6 sponsors are your first order. What is the largest number of players in that list? That is how many sheets you will order. So if 3 of the teams have 12 players, 2 teams have 13 and 1 14 players, you will order at the closest price break to the highest number of players, in this case you will order 15 sheets. Ordering at price breaks will save you money, it is less to order 15 sheets than 12, and you have extras of every team for fill-ins and lost jerseys! Repeat this process for the rest of the teams. If you have one team that is the only team using orange ink, you will use our Express Names™ ordering for this team.

If you order by 11 am EST, your order will ship the same day, and we service the entire continental US with 2 day delivery for the price of ground shipping, (Our special Speedy Air is used for those on the west coast or out of standard 2 day shipping), so your entire baseball league order will be in your hands in 2 days or less, probably before the uniforms arrive!

sponsor transfers with uniforms

Layout shown - QSP-3 with Champ Numbers


New – A lightweight, breathable number


Introducing the new Champ Air™, a screen printed transfer number style, perfect for your spring sports applications including performance wear, uniforms and t-shirts. The printed mesh design gives it space to breath and lightens the weight. It applies to cotton, polyester and cotton/poly blends in just four seconds using your heat press.

The number is available in 4, 6, 8 and 10” sizes in the colors white and black and a 2 color version that is white with a black outline.

Champ Air, like all Easy Prints® numbers, are made for easy application. They are printed on a release paper that automatically aligns with other digits for your 2 digit numbering, as well as the Express Names™ that can be positioned above the number and applied at the same time. This self-alignment system saves you valuable time and money. An entire team can have their uniforms with a screen printed number in less than 10 minutes!

Numbers are sold in packs of five, as well as money saving Express Packs (can number three teams) and Kits (to number a league). Orders placed by 3:00 EST will ship the same day.

Champ Air - breathable mesh transfer numbers

Champ Air™ is a screen printed transfer number style that is lightweight and breathable with its' mesh design.

The Popular Vertical Arch!


Being a part of the apparel industry, when you travel you take special note in the custom printed t-shirts and sweatshirts everyone is wearing. This past Saturday we were in Disney World during “rival weekend.” The number of tourists wearing their support on their shirt was amazing. We saw both Ohio State and Michigan shirts, Florida and Florida State, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State and Clemson and South Carolina.

What really surprised me was that despite all the different types of artwork available, including our own from Great Dane Graphics, the most popular look is the vertical arch!

What is a vertical arch? With a vertical arch, the bottom of the letters sit on an arc, yet the letters remain upright. The Easy Prints® layout for the vertical arch, one line of text is QAL-3. You can have this say anything you need, any font, and your choice of letter height. The vertical arch format is also available as an Express Name™ in Full Block or Hercules if you just need one of a particular name, phrase or word.

As Clevelanders who don’t get much of a chance to celebrate our sports victories, this rival weekend was one to be noted. Our Ohio State Buckeyes beat Michigan, and our Cleveland Browns beat the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Custom t-shirt with vertical arch

Custom t-shirt with a vertical arch using Easy Prints layout QAL-3

Safety Requirements for Children’s Apparel


The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) have created a lot of questions for custom decorators. How does this affect you and your business?

There are two parts to this legislation. The first concerns children’s wear for those 12 and under. This includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, caps or any other type of apparel that will be worn by this age group. This portion of the act controls lead in items. All of our products meet this requirement including screen printed transfers, numbers, Express names™, and digital transfers. Our rhinestone transfers are low lead and do fall within the CPSIA guidelines for general children’s wear, too.

The second part of the legislation concerns infant and toddler items for those 3 and under that will be using for sleeping and eating such as pajamas and bibs. If you are decorating these items you will want to use CAD-PRINTZ® which meets these requirements.   Certification is available if needed.


Shirts safe for children

Our screen printed and digital transfers meet the safety requirements for children 12 and under.

Be One of a Kind – Create Your Own Custom T-Shirts


Have you seen the latest commercial from Dr. Pepper? In it they show many different people with their original custom phrases declaring who they are. You can do this too!

Dr. Pepper One of a Kind commercial

Dr. Pepper commercial with unique t-shirts

Those shown in the commercial use the Cooper font, a font available from Transfer Express, and layout QAL-2, two straight lines of text or QAL-153, three straight lines of text. To create your own, visit, login in, click “View Layouts” and enter QAL-2. Change the text to your original phrase, choose Cooper font, or any of over 100 fonts, and choose your shirt and ink color and view. There is your original phrase!

Easy View™ your custom shirt

Use Easy View™ to preview your custom shirt

 To order, enter your quantity and submit. If ordered by 11 am, your completed custom transfer ships the same day and you can have your own shirt heat pressed in just 4 seconds. Or if you are making just one shirt, use Express Names™! So are you a dreamer, a cougar, a beginner, a control freak, a fighter, a highlight, a wingman, a work of art, a rebel or a rock star? Whatever it is, you can create it, order it and wear it!
Custom Screen Printed Shirt

Create a unique, one of a kind t-shirt with Easy Prints® or Express Names™


Christmas Transfers for Gift Giving Apparel


Help your customer with gift giving shopping—Transfer Extreme™ Christmas gives you a choice of 5 different stock transfers, 3 with Puff ink that can be applied to cotton, polyester and cotton/polyester blends in seconds.

Our new line of full color transfers can be applied to tees, tote bags, fleece, towels and even pillowcases!  They are sold in packs of 10 for just $20. You can buy a pack of your favorite design or a multi-pack that includes 2 of each of the 5 designs.

Transfer Extreme Christmas HOL-56

Full color, screen printed Christmas transfers are perfect to sell as gifts. Pictured here is Christmas design HOL-56.

Want to add customization? No problem! Text can be ordered as Express Names™ for individual personalization or in gang sheets for group personalization.

You can even create your own “gift” by adding your store name to the prints! One customer told us they gave a personalized tote bag, with every order over $100. Not only did their customers buy a little more to reach the $100 plateau, it was great advertising when carried in public, generating more business.