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How to Sell Helmet Stickers and Decals to Your Spring Sports Teams


Your customer ordered his uniforms; you have packaged them up and are ready to deliver. Don’t forget other sales that can add to your bottom line.

All of your baseball and lacrosse teams wear helmets. Suggest they personalize each helmet to make it easy for each player to find their own. The Decal Packs are the perfect add-on. Printed on a sheet for each player, and packaged for retail sale with your company information at the top, the sheet includes a set of numbers as well as room for a logo to personalize the player’s helmet. Each player will be able to put the team logo on the front of their helmet and a number on the back. You can get a pack of 12 for just $2.21/player. Order a few extras to sell to the parents for scrapbooks and other fun team projects.

Helmet Stickers

Personalize each player's helmet using custom helmet stickers. Use our Easy Prints® layouts or your own artwork.

Window clings and decals are also popular for the player’s car window. You can get enough for the entire team for just $25 and what parent is not proud to display his athlete is a part of that team.

Another popular trend is the reward stickers. Small baseballs (or other items) are ordered to put on the player’s helmet after a successful game. These are very inexpensive and you can order enough for an entire season for just $25.