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New Custom Transfer Designs and Colors


Here are five more of the new Great Dane Design layouts available for your customer’s ordering. We now have revealed 10 of these trendy new designs. Voting begins January 18th for your favorite. Three voters will be chosen to win a $50 coupon for your own custom order!

This week we show you layouts from the swimming, wrestling, basketball, volleyball and cheerleading sections. All sections are customizable. By just changing the text and clip art the swimming layout is transformed to a race print, the wrestling transforms to a ballerina print, the basketball to a baseball print, the volleyball to a cheerleading and the cheerleading to a landscaping. You can see with just a little creativity you can meet any customer’s needs.

Use a new layout with one of our new colors. The new colors are soft pink, powder blue, khaki, pistachio, watermelon and violet. We also added to our popular Pearl Prints™, which are a soft metallic look. Pearl Prints are now available in gold, copper, blue, green, purple, and now pink!

Layout QSW-47

New Swimming Layout QSW-47

Layout QWR-59

New Wrestling Layout QWR-59

Layout QBK-181

New Basketball Layout QBK-181

Layout QVL-99

New Volleyball Layout QVL-99

Layout QCH-134

New Cheerleading Layout QCH-134