21 Ways We Are Helping You Grow Your Apparel Business in 2018

Once a month, we have a live webinar that teaches how to grow your apparel business. This month, we featured 21 things we’re doing to help you do just that.

Before we get into what we discussed this month, we’d like to talk about the webinars in general.

Most of you are busy running your business and don’t have time to attend them live. That’s more than okay! Our suggestion is to register anyway. That way, you will receive an email with the recording of the webinar and the slides from the presentation. Otherwise, it’s easy to forget to go back to YouTube or our website to look at them later.

On the right-hand side of the blog, you will see a box showing the next available webinar. There may be a couple of day delay between when the last webinar completed and the new one goes up, but keep an eye on that part of the blog and register while it’s on your mind.

Okay, let’s get into the 21 things! (If you prefer, you can watch the recording of the webinar at the top of this post or look at the slide deck at the bottom.)

  1. We’ve lowered our Easy Prints Plus pricing by 30%! No art charges either. We will vectorize the art for you!
  2.  We’ve lowered our Number pricing
  3. $5 Processing Fee on Orders Under $24 Eliminated
  4. Faster Turnaround on Screen Printed Plus Orders – now only 2 days.
  5. Faster Turnaround on CAD-PRINTZ Digital Transfers – now only 2 days!
  6. Faster Turnaround on Custom Rhinestone Transfers – now only 3 days! The easiest way to order rhinestones is to call into customer service.
  7. New 3 day turnaround time on Stretch Litho
  8. We’ve added a facility in Arizona that serves all orders west of the Mississippi. This may help lower shipping times and pricing.
  9. LA Hot! Most orders from LA will receive their order the next day after it leaves our facility. See the site for details on cutoff times and zip codes that are included.
  10. We’ve added Augusta apparel! No need to fill out more paperwork. Wholesale pricing available to you as a Transfer Express customer and most orders ship on the same day they were placed.
  11. Pearl Prints are back – a specialty screen printed transfer ink with a fun, pearlescent finish.
  12. And so is Puff – a screen printed transfer ink that actually puffs up when applied with your heat press.
  13. And did we mention we also brought back Glow-in-the-Dark screen printed transfers?
  14. Clear outlines for Elasti Prints is now available. Now, there is no need for a common color outline around the entire design.
  15. We welcome AquaTru to the party! It’s a water-based ink that applies to Spandex, Lycra, and
    woven nylons as well as cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends. It’s got awesome stretch and rebound too! Dye Block backer is available so dye migration is a thing of the past.
  16. We also welcome AquaTru numbers! Available in Champ or Avalon fonts.
  17. Four new colors are available…including…wait for it – Rose Gold! Mint, Jag Green and Cyan are the other three.
  18. We’ve added 18 Champ Pro color choices (and yes, we made this one #18 on our list on purpose).
  19. 250 new layouts make their appearance on Easy View, bringing us to a whopping 5,262 layouts to date!
  20. The clip art library didn’t want to feel left out, so we added 800 new pieces! Meaning that as of today, we have 10,450 pieces of clip art available to you in Easy View. Tell us why you’d want to learn to design from scratch again?
  21. 11 amazing new fonts – including the on-trend Magnolia Sky.

We’re kind of over-achievers over here, so we really have another cool thing to tell you about.

Fusion IQ will also be available in the coming month! Think of it as your new business partner. See all of the metrics you need to – who pressed what job, how many impressions were done, you name it — even when you’re on vacation!

Check out the video above and our website for exact details and release dates on each of these items. We thank you for your business and hope all of these new items make it easier for you to grow in 2018!

*Prices and products were accurate as of this post. Please see website for current products, pricing and details.

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Paul kaiser

Great business news for us little guys

Lataevia Bayne

Totally Amazing….I loved EVERYTHING abput the 2018 additions. I would love t o see Fashion Gilm added to yourd side…That would be “HEAVEN” for me on your side.

Thanks – You Guys Totally ROCK!


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