4 Things to Know About the Loyalty Credits

  1. How Do I Know I Earned a Loyalty Credit?

For every $250 you spend in custom transfers, numbers, names or t-shirt presses (excludes shipping, special services, and apparel) you earn a $5 loyalty credit. You will see notification on your shipping confirmation.

earn loyalty credits

Your shipping confirmation email will contain the credits you have earned.

  1. How Do I Use My Loyalty Credit?

Earn them and burn them, loyalty credits do expire so we will automatically use them on your next custom transfer order. They are unable to be used on apparel. Your used loyalty credit will be seen as a discount line item on your order.

  1. How Do I Know When My Loyalty Credit Expires?

They expire 30 days from the day they are earned, and we will send you an email to let you know the time is just 5 days away!

your loyalty reward credits will expire

Any reward credits that are about to expire will be emailed to you 5 days in advance.

  1. Why Do The Loyalty Credits Expire?

The credits were created to reward your loyalty, the more you spend the more you earn. You only have to place 1 order in the next 30 days to use it, so it is a long time to give you plenty of opportunity. If you only order once every 30 days, your credits won’t expire!

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