Adding Screen Prints & Rhinestones to the Same T-shirt

Heat transfers make it easy to add different types of garment customization to the same apparel item. You can apply both a screen printed and a rhinestone transfer designs to your t-shirt in a two-step application.

Since the applied screen printed transfer would lie flat, making it easy to add an additional transfer; you should apply the screen printed transfer before the rhinestone transfer. The rhinestone transfer will not lie flat once applied; these transfers will protrude slightly from the garment for a look that you can feel. Note that you will need a cover sheet when applying the second transfer.

In the video, you will see how to heat apply both a Goof Proof®, screen printed, transfer and a rhinestone transfer to the same t-shirt. Other examples of using multiple transfer types on the same garment could be a screen printed transfer with a digital transfer, a digital transfer and a rhinestone transfer, or even player name and numbers with a rhinestone accent.

Here is a quick reference of how to apply your transfers from the video above:

  1. The first step is always to pre-press your garment; this will remove moisture and wrinkles.
  2. Once pre-pressed, you are ready to add your first transfer. If using the same transfer type as shown in the video, heat apply the transfer using the specifications for the Goof Proof, screen printed, ink formula. Goof Proof transfers should be heat applied for 4 seconds at 365 degrees. The paper should be peeled off while the transfer is still hot.
  3. Now you can add your custom rhinestone design. Peel off the backing sheet and place the rhinestone transfer where you would like it on the garment. The design shown in the video was created in the Easy View® online design tool; the designers were notified to leave an open space where there would be not ink for the rhinestones to be applied. The rhinestones must be applied to fabric, not on top of ink from the screen printed transfer.
  4. Cover the full design with a cover sheet to ensure that the already applied screen printed transfer remains properly adhered to the t-shirt and does not stick to the heating platen of your heat press.
  5. Heat press using the rhinestone transfer heat press settings; 325 degrees for 10 seconds.
  6. Remove the cover sheet from the full design while it is still hot and leave the backing on the rhinestone transfer.
  7. Once the rhinestone transfers is cool to the touch, peel off the transfer backing to reveal your finished design.
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