Carpe Diem – Start a T-Shirt Business

By Jason Ziga, General Manager

One of my favorite movies is Dead Poets Society, starring the late Robin Williams.  The reason I like the movie so much is the message of Carpe Diem, which is Latin for “seize the day.”  A powerful moment of the movie is when Robin Williams has the students in the hallway looking at the prior graduation classes and explains that those students had the same zeal for life and feeling of invincibility that they currently have.  However, they did not make their lives one iota of what they were capable of and now they fertilizing daffodils.  The bold example is used as a plea to “Seize the day.  Make your lives extraordinary.”

Sell t-shirts

Seize the day and start your t-shirt business!

The decision to start your own t-shirt business is step one to seizing the day.  After all, almost anyone can start a business; the difficult part is making it successful.  At Transfer Express we do not want you to feel you are on your own in this endeavor.  Our business is to help you grow your business.  We offer a step by step checklist on how to start your t-shirt business.  In addition we offer starter heat press packages to give you everything you need to start making sales.  Also, we have multiple marketing tools to help you: Such as our Marketing Kit, Display Kit, and Success Kit.  We provide flyers that you can use to advertise your business.  On the education side, we have hundreds of videos you can watch from instructional demonstrations to viewing prior webinars/online t-shirt decorating classes.  We offer up to 4 blogs weekly to give you helpful advice and tips.  Want to see us in person?  Come to one of the 30+ tradeshows we will be attending in 2015.

All in all, we want to partner with you for your success. It is the purpose of our Company. So go ahead, SEIZE THE DAY! BE EXTRAORDINARY! We’ll be with you along the way.

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