Compare DTF and Screen Printed Transfers

Our two best selling products, UltraColor Max, direct to film transfers and Goof Proof, screen printed transfers are both needed in your t-shirt business.    Both are easy to apply in one step, peel hot and can be applied to cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends.    Both the DTF transfer and plastisol transfer can be ordered through Easy View the online designer.    You can choose to upload your own art or create art using the built-in layouts, clip art and fonts.   So, what is the difference and when should you use each?   Take a look at this chart comparing DTF to Screen Printed transfers.

Chart comparing DTF and Screen Printed transfers


Goof Proof Screen Printed Transfers

Let’s start with our best seller, Goof Proof.    Goof Proof is a screen-printed transfer using plastisol inks.    It is printed using traditional screen-printed methods.    A squeegee is pulled over a screen and plastisol ink is printed onto a release paper.     Goof Proof is your perfect solution for your 1 and 2 color orders.    It will save you money on these orders of 18 sheets or more.    Goof Proof has many price breaks, so the more you order the less per sheet.     It also applies extremely fast, just 4 seconds for your 1 color Goof Proof transfer gaining you efficiency for those larger orders.

Goof Proof is priced by the color so the more colors you add, the greater the cost.  This screen-printed transfer is sold by the sheet, so to get the most for your money, you want to fill up the sheet.  If art time is needed, it is included in the sheet cost of Goof Proof transfers.

UltraColor Max DTF Transfers

DTF, or Direct to Film transfers are the new player in the apparel world.     UltraColor Max DTF is a digital transfer.    It has no minimum order, making it perfect for those small orders of a quantity of 1-18.    UltraColor Max is also a full color transfer, so the cost is the same, no matter how many colors are in your design.   Since pricing is based on the square inch size, you don’t want to set up a gang sheet when submitting this order or you will end up paying for the empty space between the images.

UltraColor Max applies at a lower temperature than Goof Proof, a benefit for heat sensitive application.   It can also be applied to Spandex.

Compare DTF and Screen Printed Samples

Complimentary samples of both products can be ordered so you can do your own DTF and Screen-Print comparison, click here to order. 




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