Creating Custom Apparel Designs for Halloween

Rhinestones, Transfer Extreme, and Easy Prints for Halloween

Halloween Designs Using Rhinestones, Transfer Extreme, and Easy Prints

Looking for a great way to make your designs even more exciting for Halloween?  Try combining the Transfer Extreme® designs with rhinestones, or even add Easy Prints® to your design!

With the upcoming holiday season you will find people who want scary Halloween designs, cutesy Halloween designs, or even a way to incorporate Halloween with their business or event.  Our Transfer Extreme® Stock Transfers, rhinestones, and Easy Prints® give you a great opportunity to customize your customers’ designs to fit their needs!  In the image at the top you can see several examples of mixing more than one category of transfers.  We have combined our Transfer Extreme® zombie with Easy Prints®, our Transfer Extreme® vampire with rhinestones, and our rhinestone cat, pumpkins, web, and ghosts with Easy Prints®.

It’s so easy to do!  If you want to make something similar to our customized apparel zombie design in the upper left-hand corner, all that you have to do is press the transfer that will be on the bottom first (the zombie), then you will press your Easy Prints® design where you want it to be, right on top of the Transfer Extreme® zombie, making sure to use a cover sheet over the whole thing.

When combining one of the transfers with rhinestones; such as the bats, cat, pumpkins, web, and ghosts; it is very important to remember to press the transfers first and then press the rhinestones to your decorated apparel, since the rhinestones require a lower temperature.  Again, make sure that you use a cover sheet.  Also remember to avoid placing your rhinestones directly on top of another transfer.  Rhinestones stick the best when they are pressed directly to the apparel item.  Need help pressing rhinestones?  Check out our How to Apply Rhinestone Heat Transfer Designs video!

You can find all of the Halloween designs that are new for this year in our Full Color Screen Printed Stock Halloween Transfers video on the Transfer Express® YouTube channel.  Looking for even more great Halloween ideas?  Check out the Halloween board on the Easy Prints® Pinterest page!  Here you will find designs that fright and delight from now until Halloween night!

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