Creating Custom Resort Apparel

Transfer Extreme Stock Resort Transfers

Transfer Extreme Full Colored Stock Resort Transfers

Are you looking for a way to bring in more resort business?  Our Transfer Extreme® stock resort layouts may be exactly what you are looking for!  A great way to find new customers is by offering them apparel created with pre-made resort transfers; you can even offer your customers the opportunity to customize these same transfers to make their own look specific to their needs!

Shown at the top are the Transfer Extreme® full color resort transfers that we currently offer.  These transfers are great by themselves and can even be customized by pressing the Easy Prints® transfers right on top of them! Another option is to create your custom resort items with Easy Prints® resort layouts on their own.  Check out the Parks & Resorts board on the Easy Prints® Pinterest page for some ideas of what you can create.

One of the advantages of using the Transfer Extreme® transfers is that you get full color transfers at one price, instead of paying per color.  Customizing your Transfer Extreme® resort transfer is so easy to do, just follow these steps!

1) Press your Transfer Extreme® using Goof Proof® specifications

2) Place your Easy Prints® transfer where you would like it to be, on top of the pressed Transfer Extreme®

3) Put a cover sheet over the whole thing

4) Press your Easy Prints® transfer

5) Peel your transfer and check out your custom resort apparel!

The Transfer Extreme® transfers offer a great visual for you to show your customers and are so easy to customize with Easy Prints®!  Let your customers know that you can sell them apparel displaying these multicolored designs!

Transfer Extreme Resort Transfers + Easy Prints

Transfer Extreme Resort Transfers customized with Easy Prints and letter options


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