Custom Transfer Tip – Using the Grid Lines

Getting the plastisol transfer placement centered and straight on your shirt is an important part of the application process. Our screen printed plastisol transfers are back printed with a grid pattern to help make this step easier. In addition, when you receive a full size transfer print, you can count on the image being centered on the paper for easy application. All you need to do is to put the release paper ink down on your apparel and position the center of the paper where you would like the center of the print to be on your shirt. Then be sure the horizontal and vertical grid lines are in position and press. Just like cross hairs, the grid line gives you an easy visualization of how and where the transfer should be positioned.

Grid Lines on the Back of a Screen Printed Transfer

The grid lines on the back of our screen printed transfers help you align the transfer to the garment for easier application.

The grid lines are also beneficial when you are applying large legs or split fronts where you need to cut the paper for application, the grid lines give you an easy tool for lining your two halves back up.