Day one in Denver

We had a great time today exhibiting at the first day of the NBM Denver Show.  It is one of our only shows where we get to meet customers from this region of the country.  It is always exciting to meet current customers for the first time and they are just as excited that we have a presence in their area so they can put a face(s) with the company.  The questions that are asked are always a pleasure to answer and more times than not, we are able to show a simple solution to a problem a customer may have, or educate a customer by showing them more ways to grow there business and expand the possibility to more profit.

We have great specials going on at the show that customers were surprised by.  We are also printing shirts on site using our 16×20 Hotronix Auto Open Clam.  This gives the attendee the ability to get a great hands on experience with both the heat press and the transfer.  The ability to show our marketing kit and online designer is very helpful to attendees who have been thinking about starting up a business to see how easy it truly is.  As I have said before, there is no better experience than hands on experience and that was proven again today as customers would state that they had visited our website but were very excited that we would be present so they are able to see it in person.  This is why if a show is in your area, always try to find time to attend.

Come check out our Marketing kit in booth 311

Come press your own shirt at the NBM Denver show in booth 311


We are very excited to close up the show tomorrow.  We still have our floor model available at a great discounted price.  We also have the Marketing kit for sale at a great discounted price of $35.00!!  If you are in the area, we hope that you can find time to stop by and see us in booth 311.  This is the last time this year that we will be in this region.  If we don’t see you, we hope to catch you at the next one!!

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