Doing Business the Old Fashion Way

Computers, iPads, and cell phones all have become a way of doing business for many of us, but one customer runs a successful business the old fashion way. Ronnie, who runs a sport shop in Texas with his wife and brother doesn’t own a computer or a cell phone. Just about every day we get a fax or two with his orders and each one of them will be typed on his typewriter, yes I said typewriter. If he needs to get art to us, he drops it in the mail.

Our team describes him as sweet and kind, and says he knows his business (and ours) inside and out. He primarily does business with schools and teams. A large portion of his business is spiritwear.

He has been approached by other transfer companies, including one just a few miles away, but Ronnie has stayed loyal because he loves our products and our people.

We have appreciated his business and want to take this opportunity to wish him a very happy 60th birthday!

60th Birthday T-shirt

Happy 60th Birthday, Ronnie!

Clarence Preston

Loyality plays a major factor with business these days. People can learn alot from him!!!!


Happy Birthday Ronny!!!

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