Getting Started in the T-shirt Business

Last week at our D3 event, Decorate, Design and Deliver, we got to actually meet many of our current customers as well as many potential customers. There is nothing better than actually getting to meet some of the people you talk to every day. By doing so you learn one of the hardest parts of this business is also one of the easiest, getting started. Where to Begin?

It really does all start with a heat press. It is the only investment you need to really get started and as Ben Robinson from Hotronix® pointed out; we have the “Cadillac” of the industry. The heat press is not an area to cut corners, as it is the cornerstone of your business. Invest in the best press your budget allows.

Now what? A great second investment is the Transfer Express Marketing Kit.   This kit basically gives you a traveling office full of ideas, samples and colors to show potential customers.    It also opens the Easy View design tool up to you which makes you an artist even if you aren’t.

Now you are ready to find your first customer. Use your immediate contacts—do your neighbor’s children go to a local school, are you involved with a local organization, does your kids play sports, do you see the kids down the street practicing with their band in the garage?   These are all potential customers. Find out the name of their school, team or band and use Easy View to create a couple of ideas for them. Figure out what you want to charge to put that design on a shirt and approach them with the idea and price. By presenting both you are making it easy for them to say yes.

When you deliver your first order make sure to include reorder information. One of our customers individually packages their orders and includes a sell sheet so that every member of the organization, not just the person who did the ordering knows where to get custom printed shirts. One order leads to another, and all of a sudden you have a t-shirt business!

start a t-shirt business