Halloween Screen Printed and Rhinestone Transfers

Your sales will rise from the dead, with our new screen printed and rhinestone transfers. The screen printed transfers were created exclusively for Transfer Express by Great Dane Graphics. They are in full color and look great applied to any color T-shirt or sweatshirt. These Transfer Extreme transfers apply in just 4 seconds making the added sales quick work. We have 5 new designs including a haunted house, witch, zombie, vampire and some scary trick-or treaters! These are sold in packs of 10. We also have a multi-pack that has 2 of each in the pack.

Screen printed transfers with rhinestones

Combine the rhinestones with the screen printed transfers for added bling! (Shown here: HAL-9 combined with RS-40)

Then add a little bling to your sales by adding a rhinestone transfer. These can be added around the screen printed transfers or used on their own. We have bats, ghosts, a spider web, cats and pumpkins! These are sold in packs of 5, or a multi-pack with 2 of each in the pack so you can try a little of everything.

For a preview of all of the designs, watch our short video!

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