Heat Printing with Polytrans Transfers

Polytrans transfers are made with the same plastisol ink, adhesive, and paper as our popular Goof Proof® transfers; the only difference is the application instructions. Polytrans transfers are applied at a lower application temperature of 340ºF for 8-10 seconds using medium pressure, and peeled warm. This lower application temperature and longer heat printing time helps reduce dye migration and the chance of scorching fabrics.

Art layouts for multi colored Polytrans transfers require that the background ink color in the design completely back all of the other colors to ensure that our powder adhesive is applied to the entire image during our screen-print production process. In some cases, the color used as a backer might be an outline around lettering and in this case will be printed last during our production process as a solid area over the entire design.

Although Polytrans transfers are applied at a higher temperature than our Elasti Prints® transfers, they are less expensive and can save you money if your garments can withstand 340ºF for 10 seconds. And if you’re having trouble heat printing onto heat sensitive fabrics with our Goof Proof® transfers, remember our Polytrans transfers with the lower temp application instructions are another great option available to you!

shirt made with Polytrans transfer

Polytrans transfers are the same as Goof Proof® transfers with an alternative heat application.

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