Hometown Clothing Co. Has Cleveland Pride

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Owner of Hometown Clothing Co, Tony (right) displays his biggest selling design.

The Transfer Express office is a mere 25 miles from the heart of Cleveland, Ohio and we can honestly say that no other city has as much sports pride as we do here in CLE! We love our city and incredibly enough we love our sports teams and you can see it first-hand just by the clothes Clevelanders wear. You will always find someone near you wearing Brown and Orange, Wine and Gold or Red and Navy.

We had the pleasure of meeting a new Transfer Express customer, Hometown Clothing Co. just minutes away from Transfer Express. Owner Tony “Chubbz” Pines didn’t get his start in garment decorating. He started as a drummer in a band touring all across the United States. He learned about merchandising band apparel and realized he could be bringing those profits directly to him instead of outsourcing. “Most of the money made for bands comes from merchandising” Tony explained. He was able to manufacture his bands merchandise and bring those profits in-house.

He didn’t stop there though. About 10 years ago, he opened up a shop called Bike Styles inside the local mall selling urban biker apparel. He set up shop with his heat press, which he still owns and uses, and created a fan following.

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The Hometown Clothing Co. store front inside Great Lakes Mall.

Just about a year ago, he decided to switch avenues and focus on what Cleveland loves most, their city pride and love for sports. Hometown Clothing Co. was born and since he had such a large following with his Bike Styles store, he set up shop inside the same mall.

All of the apparel that you will find in Hometown Clothing Co. is Cleveland themed, donning the colors of the local sport teams. You’ll find racks of pre-printed apparel however the option is available to his customers to mix and match designs and apparel. Tony explains: “If a customer comes in and wants this design on a blue, or black or red, they can do that.”

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The Easy View® Online Designer has become important to Hometown Clothing. “I always had artists but ever since I’ve been working with Transfer Express, I use the online designer now myself.” He still uses artists for some designs but many of the designs on display were created in Easy View. Tony is learning the ropes of the online designer making sure he utilizes the entire transfer sheet for different designs when he can.


Using Easy View, you can design your own transfer sheet with as many designs as you can fit.

Using Easy View, you can design your own transfer sheet with as many designs as you can fit.


With his success, Tony is now expanding even more and hitting the road in his new Hometown Clothing Co. truck which he will take to the “Muni Lot” where fans tailgate before every home game. If you’re from Cleveland or have an idea of city pride that is on display at the Muni Lot on gameday, you know Hometown Clothing Co. will likely sell out of their inventory at every game. We wish you luck!

Food trucks step aside, Hometown Clothing Co. is taking over!

Food trucks step aside, Hometown Clothing Co. is taking over!

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