How to Customize Stock Rhinestone Transfers for St. Patrick’s Day

Stock heat transfers help all apparel decorators find fast, easy decorations for apparel. However one thing that stock transfers cannot do is provide the little bit of personalization that increases the value of a shirt. At Transfer Express we offer a selection of Stock Rhinestone Heat Transfers that are pre-made and ready to apply.


Shamrock Rhinestud Stock heat transfer (RS-82) ready to heat apply. Each transfer is 4″ x 4″.

Our newest addition to our stock collection is the Rhinestud Shamrock that was recently added for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Perfect for a quick application with your heat press and you’ve got a fancy St. Paddy’s Day shirt! Each shamrock transfer is a 4″ Dark Green and Silver Rhinestud design.

But what if your customer wants a Rhinestone Shamrock on their shirt but also want their company name or group name with a really cool design? You have the ability to customize a different type of heat transfer and make it mixed-media! This not only make the shirt more appealing but also increases the  value of the shirt.


Finished shirt with a custom screen printed transfer and a stock rhinestud Shamrock transfer.

With the power of Easy View®, online t-shirt designer, you can easily create a personalized design for a screen printed transfer and create a placeholder for the Shamrock Rhinestone Transfer that needs to be ordered and heat applied separately. Here’s how:

Step 1: Create your screen printed transfer design in Easy View®. If you’re unfamiliar with this t-shirt design program, check out these videos to help. Creating Artwork Videos

Step 2: Use the Shamrock clip art X12C-10 in the online designer as a placeholder for the stock transfer you will apply separately. Size the Shamrock clip art to 4″.

Important Note: Rhinestone transfers should not be applied over screen print ink or digital transfers as the adhesive will not adhere for a quality, durable decoration. The placeholder in Easy View is so keep the area open and “show through” to the shirt so the rhinestones adhere to the fabric, not the ink.




Step 3: Add an Outline Effect to the shamrock clip art. By adding an outline, you are creating some wiggle room for the rhinestones so they are clear from any ink areas. For instance, the design above has the rhinestones very close to the ink. By adding an additional “show through” outline to the shamrock, this will give you assurance that no rhinestones will be touching the ink.

Step 4: Color the shamrock clip art so the entire shamrock is “Show through” to the shirt color. You will now have an open area, clear of ink, that the Stock Rhinestone Shamrock transfer will fit perfectly in.





Step 5: Add a note to the order letting our designers know that you intend to place a Stock Rhinestone Shamrock in the design.


Step 6: Order your screen printed transfers in Easy View®.

Step 7: Order your Stock Rhinestud Shamrock Transfers on

Once you receive your heat transfers, apply the screen printed transfer to the shirt first. Then line up the Rhinestud Shamrock in the open area created from the placeholder and Ta-Da!, a personalized shirt that has just increased its value because you added some bling!



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