Increasing Sales For the Holidays!

Christmas Stock Transfers

Stock transfers specific to Christmas and the holiday season – Transfer Extreme + Rhinestones

What do you like to do for the holidays?  Hopefully your answer is sell custom apparel, because this blog is all about tips to help you sell for the season!  Apparel sales should soon be on the rise from customers (and Santa) looking for that custom look and personalization to give as gifts.  There are many ways to motivate your customers’ purchasing decisions and encourage them to purchase a little more than they had originally planned.

Sell for the holiday!  With the holiday season finally here, remember to promote what your customers are looking for, which are items specific to the holidays and personalized gifts!  When promoting those apparel items specific to the holidays try using Christmas rhinestones, Transfer Extreme® stock transfers, and Christmas Easy Prints®. All of these transfer options are great choices for the holiday season and will help your customers to get into the holiday spirit.  For that extra personalization, you can turn any transfer into a personalized apparel item by adding Express Names™!

Bundling products for holiday specials!  What good are gloves without a hat and scarf?  You can use the same transfer design on each and offer your customers a ‘Great Deal’ by bundling all three for one great price!  All that you have to do is reduce a few dollars from the combined price of all three items.  By bundling your products, you get extra sales and your customers get a little bit of a discount, which makes both you and your customers happy!  You can even tie a red or green ribbon around all three to create a customized Christmas bundle!

Dress up your shop for the holidays!  If you have a store-front display, decorate it with winter apparel so that potential customers know what you can provide them.  You can even use the same display that you already have and spruce it up for the holidays.  Just use empty boxes wrapped in holiday style, Santa hats on mannequins and displays (maybe with rhinestones pressed to them), and flyers specific to the holiday season, which you can find free to print on our website!  If your shop has enough room, consider carrying wrapping paper and gift bags for your customers to purchase, they will appreciate only having to make one stop for the gifts and the paper to wrap them in.

Promote items for the cold if you live somewhere with snow!  Selling gloves, hats, scarves, hoodies, and jackets are a great way to pull in customers during the holiday season.  Not only is this the holiday season, but it’s the beginning of skiing and snowboarding season too, as well as many other winter sports!  Sell to sports teams or even locations such as ski resorts that will get a lot of business coming in during the winter season!  Let your customers know that these can be great holiday gifts if they know someone who participates in these winter activities.

Wear your own apparel!  Don’t forget that with your heat press, you already have one of the best advertising resources for your company; you can create your own promotional apparel!  Make winter clothing with your company’s logo and information for you and your employees to wear.  Give these items as employee gifts for the holidays so that they can represent and promote your company as well.

One of the great things about these stock transfers is that a lot of them are made for the season rather than the holiday.  Therefore, when the upcoming holiday is done, a lot of these items can still be worn!  Interested in checking out transfers that are specific to this season?  Our Christmas video will show you your Christmas and seasonal Transfer Extreme® and rhinestone options!

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