Ink Formula Focus: Polytrans Screen Printed Transfers

Polytrans is another one of those types of transfers that we can say has been around since the start. It’s confusing to most because of its’ similarities to Goof Proof® but Polytrans does have its’ own advantages and is quite a simple transfer type to explain.

The secret to the ink formula for Polytrans is simple; it’s the Goof Proof® formula…shhh! Well no, it’s not a secret, just not well known but let’s change that. To start, it’s actually screen printed, with the same ink used by screen printers, plastisol ink. Printed onto a release paper, the ink receives an adhesive additive to make it easy to apply with a heat press. So this is the exact description of how a Goof Proof® transfer is printed. So what’s the difference?

Polytrans is all about how it is applied with the heat press. We mean the amount of time and temperature that is set on your heat press. On the instructions you will see that Polytrans is heated at 340 degrees for 10 seconds. This is different than Goof Proof® that is applied at 365 degrees for 4 seconds. Same formula, different time and temperature. That’s it! The lower temperature.

Use Polytrans if:

  • Dark ink color is under a lighter ink color. (So the heat doesn’t smush them together)
  • You’d like a softer feel than Goof Proof® but still a durable athletic feel
  • Your apparel requires a lower temperature for when heat applying transfers etc.
  • Test the difference between Goof Proof® and Polytrans, your heat press may have better results at the lower temperature and longer time.

So test a sample of this transfer type, or just grab what you know as a Goof Proof® sample and apply it using the 340 degrees for 10 seconds settings.