Make a Fashion Statement with Rhinestones!

Rhinestones complementing Easy Prints transfers

Use rhinestones to accent Easy Prints transfers! RS-50, RS-29, RS-28, and RS-26

How can you make any outfit a fashion statement? By adding rhinestones!  We have rhinestones for holidays, occasions, sports, fashion accessories, and even school spirit mascot rhinestones!

One of the useful features of our rhinestones is that they are all stock transfers.  This makes them a great convenience because you do not have to wait through any processing time, these fashionable rhinestones will ship the same day that you order them if ordered before 3pm EST.  You can even keep several rhinestone designs in stock at your store for a quick sales option or add-on for your customers.  If your customer is ordering an apparel item using an Easy Prints® layout, ask if they would like rhinestones to complement their custom apparel items.  You can press the rhinestone designs as a complement to an Easy Prints® design, use it in place of a piece of clip art, or even use it to accent a shirt sleeve, pant pocket, or accentuate an accessory item such as a hat or a book bag.  We even have mascot rhinestones, which are a perfect complement to any school spirit design!  

Some of the rhinestone transfers that we have include those for holidays; such as Halloween, Independence, and Memorial Day; for occasions; such as weddings and church events; for sports; including baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and volleyball; and even fashionable designs such as butterflies and skulls.  You can find several examples on the Easy Prints® Pinterest page!

These rhinestone transfers look great as an accent on the same apparel item as your Easy Prints® transfers or even by themselves.  Rhinestone transfers are the perfect addition to your fashionable custom apparel items!

Rhinestone transfers for creating fashion apparel

Just a few of our many rhinestone options! RS-46, RS-50, RS-48, RS-26, RS-28, RS-30

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