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Make a Separated Outline in CorelDraw®

Some Dealers of Transfer Express that order screen printed transfers like to make their own custom artwork. Creating artwork in CorelDraw® can be very intimidating. Below is a video tutorial on how to create a “separarted outline” in CorelDraw®. We used CorelDraw X3 in the video. In this video we assumed your “duplicate distance” is set a 0, 0.
Here are the basic steps:

  1. Create a text object
  2. Add an outline by right clicking on a color in the color palette.
  3. Hit your F12 key to adjust the thickness of the outline (set at .2 inches)
  4. Don’t click off the text object – use the shortcut of Control-D to duplicate the text object
  5. Click the arrange menu, then order then send to back of the page
  6. Keep the object selected and right click on another color to in palette
  7. Hit your F12 increase the outline on the duplicate object to .4
  8. Adjust character spacing as needed

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