New Custom Rhinestone Transfers

Custom rhinestone design on a shirt

New custom rhinestone transfers from your art or ours!

Looking to add bling to your T-shirt business? Try our new custom rhinestone transfers! We’ve made it easy to order custom rhinestone transfers and it’s fast, too. Orders ship in 5 working days!

You can send us your art or use Easy View®, our online art designer, to create a custom transfer design. Don’t worry about stone placement; our professional designers will do the work for you. We just need to know what stone colors you need, the transfer quantity and desired size. We also need to know if you want the transfer an outline (a single strand making up the text and/or art) or if you want some or all of the art filled with stones. An outline custom rhinestone is more cost effective and lighter weight, but if you want to go full bling, there is nothing like filled stones.


rhinestone artwork outline vs fill

Outline vs fill for custom rhinestone options

To send artwork, just select the send us your artwork button at In the notes, put that you want a custom rhinestone transfer. Once the art is received, we will call to discuss and quote, and place the order if you are ready to order. If creating art in Easy View, you will also need to use the notes section to let us know you want a custom rhinestone transfer.

Proofs are available and are free with your transfer purchase, just like for our screen printed transfers. We will start the proof for $45, and then once approved, that amount is credited towards your order. The proof will be ready in two days, and orders ship 4 days after approval, so if a proof is needed, please allow a little extra time. If a revision is needed, there is an additional $45 for the changes. With rhinestones, any change, even a small one, and we have to start the layout all over. Only the proof that is approved as is will be credited towards its order.

Pricing is square inch pricing, so if you are looking to cut costs, go a little smaller. Because the stones are heavier than ink and this type of transfer is typically applied to girls’ and women’s wear, the smaller size is generally preferred. With a smaller than traditional transfer size choice, you are not only satisfying your customer, but also saving a little money. To figure the price, multiply the height x width, round to the nearest whole number, decide if you want crystal clear or colored stones, and if an outline or fill. Take the square inches x the multiplier based on your decisions x quantity needed. Rhinestone transfers also have a $25 set up fee. This fee is charged on all rhinestone transfer orders, even reorders. The minimum order is 1 but the more you order, the more the set up fee will be amortized, reducing the per piece price.

Price Per Square Inch
Outline Fill
Colored Stone $0.07 $0.15
Crystal Clear Stone $0.12 $0.25
Plus $25 Set Up Fee

Rhinestones are available in crystal clear and 18 colors. The colors we carry have the same name and have similar representation as our screen printed transfers.

color options for custom rhinestone transfers

Custom rhinestone transfer color options

rhinestones with screen printed transfers

Mixed media – screen printed transfer and rhinestone transfer

Mixed media options are also available. We will create the art to make a screen printed transfer work with your rhinestone transfer. You might just want to rhinestone a small area for a special and unique effect. The screen printed and rhinestone transfer will be two transfers that easily apply in two applications. If you are creating mixed media with embroidery, we will need a sew-out to get the sizing correct.

If you have any questions, our dealer service team can help bling it!

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