Free Electronic Art Proofs with Your Transfer Order

Do you want to show your customer the art before you finalize the transfer order? If you have the time, we have the service!

Proofs can be ordered for every order, and will be free as long as you place your order from that art proof.

free artwork proofs with your transfer order

Electronic art proofs will show you your artwork before your transfers are printed.

How It Works

• Order a proof order

– Proofs from our layouts/font/art (Easy Prints) are $25

– Proofs from your art (Plus) are $45

Note:  Occasionally, extra art time may be necessary and is charged at a rate of $20 per half hour, this will be quoted to you at the time of the order and will not be credited.

• Your art will be ready to view under My Account – Past Orders at

– Same Day – Easy Prints proof ordered before 11 am EST

– Two Working Days – Plus proof ordered by 3:00 pm EST

• We have added a Zoom tool for proofs as well as past orders for detail viewing!

• When you are ready to finalize the order, click the reorder button under My Account – My Past Orders or just follow the link on the Shipping Confirmation

• When you order your transfers, you will get the proof charge applied to the order.

If you would rather continue ordering with our industry leading turnaround times, the proof is optional, and you can order the transfer without seeing a proof.   The choice is yours!

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Jim B.

The top says free art proofs. But below it says $25/$45. I’m confused. Where does the “free” part come in.

Dealer Services

A credit for the cost of the proof will be applied to your transfer order from the proof.

Jared Hunike

thank you i will keep that in mind


I’m very happy you will be providing this service. If, upon customer review, minor changes are required – do I lose my credit on the order?

Dealer Services

Each proof is a allowed 1 revision free of charge.

Kimberly Lynn

Will we still have the option to use easy view

Dealer Services

Yes you will still have acesss to Easy View. Proofs are good for orders with more customization that Easy View can do like add a line of text or adding clip art.


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