Personalize with Glitter Letters

Our new glitter letters are the perfect companion to your glitter transfers or to add a little bling to any printing. The Pro Block (Plain Block) letters are sold in a kit. The 2” size contains 750 letters; 40 each of ACEILMNORSTU and 20 each of the remaining. The 3” size contains 620 letters; 40 each of AEORS and 20 each of the remaining.

Glitter Flake pre-cut letter kits

Glitter Flake letter kits are available in 6 colors in each of the 2″ and 3″ sizes.

The glitter alphabet kits are available in Black, Red, Yellow Gold, Royal, Pink and Sliver. The letters are easy to layout and can be positioned on top of your screen printed transfers! Add a personal name or fun phrase to your shirts to make each shirt a one of a kind! Glitter Flake is recommended for cotton, polyester, and cotton/poly blend fabrics. Due to the combination of fabrics, weaves, coatings and dyes used in the textile industry, we recommend and provide samples for testing.

Silver Glitter Flake

Layout QFB-60 screen printed in kelly green and white applied with silver Glitter Flake on top of the print.

As a special introductory offer through 5/15/13, if you order 2 kits, the third is free. This is a great time to stock up and have these on hand for your summer orders!

Yellow Gold Glitter Flake

Layout QAL-474 screen printed in gold glitter ink applied with Yellow Gold Glitter Flake letters.

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