QSP = Quality, Service & Price. Pick All Three!

quality service price

Offering quality, service and price to your customer is a combination that can’t be beat and Transfer Express will help you achieve this by being your one stop supplier for all your apparel and heat transfer needs. We go to great lengths to offer the best apparel selection, quality heat transfers and competitive pricing in the industry.

Companies that sell at deep discounts don’t offer all three areas of quality, service and price because when selling at bargain basement prices, they’re forced to lower their quality (and service) to be profitable. At Transfer Express, we deliver on all three QSP’s due to our online art service, automated manufacturing processes, superior customer service, and competitive prices. Below are some areas where you can improve your company’s QSP offerings.

apparel bag packaging

Bag each order individually for added quality and service.

Quality starts with the artwork and our Easy View® online transfer designer will take you to the next level in providing quality art. The latest advancement to our Easy View designer is the option for you to upload your art into Easy View and this feature will be a game changer for your company!

Another way to add quality to your customers order is to offer individual apparel bagging at an upcharge of .20 to .25 cents per garment. The cost of a plastic bag is just a couple of cents and your company will stand out from your competitors that don’t offer this option. Apparel bagging adds a professional touch that retailers and team customers love.

training videos for heat applied transfers

View our large video library to learn everything you need to know about screen printed transfers and running a T-shirt business.

Service – At Transfer Express we have built our reputation on service and our highly trained customer service reps are here to assist you with all your ordering needs before and after the sale. Also, take advantage of our online training videos to help you learn more about our complete line of products that include: Goof Proof®, Polytrans, Hot Split, Elasti Prints®, Stretch Litho™, Glitter, Rhinestones, Express Names™, team numbering, CAD-PRINTZ® and more.

Another area to improve your service is the ability to accept credit card payments from your customers. Many small and medium size apparel decorators don’t accept credit cards as payment and this can send customers to decorators that do accept credit cards. The cost of getting set up to process credit cards is small compared to the cost of losing customers to a competitor.

Price falls into the category of you get what you pay for and many decorators have found this to be true when buying solely on price and not getting the quality and service that comes along with buying from a reputable industry leader.

rhinestones with screen print design

Rhinestones are popular and add value to the apparel’s selling price.

Don’t forget you can add value to your designs by adding rhinestones or rhinestuds to your design. Rhinestones are currently hot with ladies wear, cheerleading, dance, and for everyday fashion.

With Transfer Express as your decorator partner, you can pick all three areas and improve your quality, service and price and take your business to the next level of success!

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