Screen Printed Transfer Inks: Goof Proof vs Polytrans Plastisol Ink Formulas

Hockey Tshirt

White backed in black - Polytrans screen printed transfer

Our Goof Proof® and Polytrans screen printed transfer products use the same ink and paper but offer different application techniques. Both products can be used on cotton, polyester and cotton/polyester blend apparel. Both our numbers and names can be applied using either technique.

Goof Proof® is made for speed! It uses a higher temperature (365º) at a faster application time – just 4 seconds. This is our number one top selling product!

Polytrans uses a lower temperature (340º) for a longer application (10 seconds).

Use Polytrans when:
• A fabric is sensitive to heat such as some polyester
• Doing a multi-color transfer and the background outline color is darker than the foreground color

Using the low temperature technique, the color stays brighter in this situation as shown in the photo.
goof vs poly