Sell More Custom Apparel with the Marketing Kit!

Marketing Kit for Custom T-shirt Business

Looking to create or expand your business?  Our Marketing Kit will help you sell apparel!

Our Transfer Express Marketing Kit is the perfect addition to your business whether you are just starting out in the custom apparel industry or looking to expand your decorated clothing business.  We call it our business in a box because it includes the essentials for creating or expanding on your personalized apparel business.

If you are looking to get your first heat press, or even upgrade the one that you have, the Marketing Kit actually comes free with the purchase of a heat press.  If you need more than one heat press, you will receive a free marketing kit for each order!

The Marketing Kit includes all of the following:

Personalized Easy Prints® Idea Book™

This is a full color catalog that includes more than 250 new designs and hundreds of pieces of clip art!  The Transfer Express name is not used in the Idea Book™, so you can even use this book to show your customers the Easy Prints® designs! The pages are in a three-hole punched binder, so if you only want to give your customer a few layouts to choose from, you can remove the pages that you want to show them. Learn more

Color Selector

The color selector will show you and your customers what the screen printed colors will actually look like when they are printed. This color selector includes the 73 stock colors that are listed in the Price Guide and is a great resource to guarantee that your customer gets the colors that they want! Learn more

Black & White Idea Book™

This is a black & white version of the Idea Book™ that you can provide to customers, allowing them to make design decisions right from home! This book, like the larger colored version, does not mention Transfer Express or Stahls’. Learn more

Price Guide

The Marketing Kit also includes the Price Guide, which contains product and ordering information as well as transfer pricing and custom artwork specifications.  This is a great tool when trying to figure out how much you are willing to spend to get the order processed for your customer, to ensure that you make money from the order.

Window Cling

This window cling is a great way to let your customers know that you sell custom printed apparel.  You can put this advertisement on your car window or even on the window at your store!  Learn more

30 Display Transfers

These transfers include several samples of our best-selling transfer type, Goof Proof®, as well as samples of our specialty inks. These are great to display in your store or just keep close by so that your customers can actually feel and see the differences between the different types of transfers! Learn more

Application Chart Wall Graphic

Put this wall graphic on the wall next to your heat press machine for easy access to instruction on how to press each type of transfer! It eliminates the process of having to search for the pressing specifications every time that you need to press an apparel item. Learn more

$10 Coupon

With this coupon, receive $10 off your next order with Transfer Express! It is automatically applied to your account and ready for you to use.


The Marketing Kit also includes a T-shirt so that you can test out one of the sample display transfers that are provided.

The Marketing Kit provides a value of more than $80 for only $49 and is a great tool for selling custom apparel!  It’s definitely worth trying out!

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