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Shelf Life of Screen Printed Transfers


One of the main advantages to using screen printed transfers is the ability to use them as you need them. This may be a few days after your initial press or several years since you purchased them. Some ask, “what do I need to do to keep the plastisol transfers from going bad?”. This is quite simple when you look at how the transfers are stored. Screen printed transfers should be stored in a closed plastic bag away from any drastic temperature and humidity changes. Avoid damp areas as well as high temperatures. Transfer Express’ transfers arrive at your door step already sealed in a plastic bag to keep them dry and in a box that can easily be labeled and stacked.

Storing plastisol transfers correctlly can add years to the shelf life. As always it is important to test the transfer before applying it to any garment. Transfer Express suggests cutting the transfer in 4 even pieces and applying them to sample fabric. This will help ensure the transfers are made correctly and heat press settings are correct.

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