Starting Your New Business In The New Year, Part 3

Two weeks ago we started a series of blog posts regarding starting your new t-shirt business in the new year! This series is based off our popular webinar from 2013, “Start Your Home T-Shirt Business”. We covered our first five topics including Legal Details, Location, and Business Name in the first week and Equipment and Website in the second week. So we’ll pick up this week with Adding Transfers and Artwork.

#6 – Adding Transfers

At this point we’ve worked out our legal status, chosen our company’s name, location, decided on a heat press for equipment, and set up a website and social media. Now we need some transfers to use on your new heat press. One of the beautiful things about ordering a heat press from any of the GroupeSTAHL family of companies is that we make the heat press here in the United States (Stahls’ Hotronix) and we have a division for screen printed transfers (Stahls’ Transfer Express), divisions for vinyl heat transfer materials (Stahls ID Direct and Imprintables Warehouse), and all of us work together. For example, our transfers here at Transfer Express are tested on Hotronix heat presses. And Hotronix offers tech support on all the heat presses we sell.

Screen Printed and Digital Transfers

The screen printed and digital transfers from Transfer Express offer options for any customer’s garment.

We briefly mentioned some of the myriad of possibilities with a heat press last week when we talked about how the heat press is the most economic investment into our industry. For example: screen printed transfers. Normally if you wanted screen printed shirts you’d have to have all that expensive equipment and the harsh chemicals. You’d need the space to accommodate it, the time to learn it, and the flexibility to absorb all of that information. If you order screen printed heat transfers all you need is the heat press. Here at Transfer Express we’ll do all the messy stuff for you. We’ll print the transfers to your specifications and then send them to you to heat press. So you get the best of both worlds! That’s on top of the other benefits too, like the fact that the transfers can be kept and stored for long periods of time. But screen printed transfers aren’t the only thing your press is capable of pressing. The heat printing market is growing more and more every year. We’ve reached a point where there are fabrics that can be cut and heat pressed on with the illusion that they’ve been embroidered.

So now we come back to the point I made back in the first paragraph. This is why joining the Stahls family of companies comes in handy. Because if you’re interested in a decorating method, we can help you out. And hey, if you’re ever unsure of who does what, give one of us a call and we’ll direct you through to who you need to talk to. And we’ll take that a step further – are you unsure of HOW to approach an order that your customer has given you? We’ll help you out. Give us a call and tell us what your situation is. One way or another, we have a company who can help and a product that will do exactly what you need. You want to be an expert? We’ll help get you there!

#7 – Artwork

Alright – so you’re ready to order transfers for the heat press you purchased. But there’s a problem. You don’t have artwork. There are a few directions this situation can go depending on your artistic situation. Are you an artist and already equipped with CorelDraw® or Adobe Illustrator®? Because in that case it’s just a matter of time – do you have it? You can make whatever artwork your customer is asking for and then we can recreate it for screen printed or digital transfers. This is a direction that many of our customers go.

However, there is another direction this can go. What if you’re not an artist? Or maybe you only “know enough to be dangerous”. Let’s assume that you’ve already spent the big chunk of change to buy Coreldraw® or  Illustrator®. Do you have enough skill and know-how to develop art from scratch? Or time for that matter? Hiring an artist can be costly. And learning the software yourself is a commitment – not something that’s going to happen overnight. That’s where we come into play. At Transfer Express we offer you the Idea Book – a catalog of over 5,000 customizable designs. Maybe a traveling soccer team wandered into your shop and they need jerseys. Flip your Idea Book open to the soccer section. Choose a design, get their text, add a soccer ball clip art, and then simply call us up with the information and we put it all together for you. Our artwork is professionally created, fully customizable, and updated every year with hip, new designs. We will be your artist for you. And here’s the best part: when you order out of our Idea Book the cost is lower than if we used your artwork! Simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll put it together. This leaves you available to tend to all the other things going on with your business AND you’re not paying to have a graphic designer on staff!