Support Our Troops with U.S. Army Stock Transfers

The United States of America would not be where it is today if it were not for those who have stood up to defend and serve it in the Armed Forces. Our country was born with the help of fearless soldiers fighting for our freedoms that we still defend today. To say “thanks” and show our support to the United States Army and all the soldiers, we are introducing a special line of officially licensed U.S. Army screen printed stock transfers.

Most people know a soldier who is in active duty, a veteran who has served, or even some who have died in combat. These transfers are for these soldiers, their families, friends, and all those who wish to stand in support as well. The stock transfers feature the official logo of the U.S. Army, along with 8 other designs created by Great Dane Graphics, which were all approved by the Army.

Today, we welcome home David, an American soldier, from Afghanistan! David, a Staff Sergeant for the U.S. Army, has been serving in Afghanistan for the last 7 months, working to provide security as the Afghans build a military base. He has been in the Army for 12 years now and has also served in Iraq on two other tours, once in 2004 and the other in 2009.

I join David’s family, my sister, and many of David’s friends who welcome him home safely. As a welcome home gift, I made 2 matching hoodies using the U.S. Army stock transfers; one for David and the second for my sister, his girlfriend.

U.S. Army stock transfer designs

The “left chest” logo design fits perfectly on the front of a hoodie.

Each pack comes with 12 transfers of the featured design chosen, along with 12 left chest logos, and 24 yoke logos. To make the hoodies, I heat pressed a left chest logo in the center of the hoodie as the main design. I also used one of the small yoke transfers on the hood as an added accent. The hoodies were a big hit, and as soon as the rest of the family saw them, they each wanted their own! As with any of our stock transfers, if you would like to add personalization to your apparel, use Express Names™ to personalize each item with a name.

Create U.S. Army apparel

Each pack comes with 12 transfers of a particular design, along with 12 left chests, and 24 yokes.

By federal law, licensing fees paid to the US Army for the use of its trademarks provide support to the Army Trademark Licensing Program and net licensing revenue is devoted to US Army Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs.®

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