To Customize or Not to Customize?

Are you looking for a completed product to show and sell to your customers?  Or maybe a product that they can choose to leave as-is or to customize for their needs?  If so, our Transfer Extreme® Essentials could be a great addition to your business!  They look great on display, and each Essential is the same price regardless of the number of colors!

Transfer Extreme Essentials

Some of the Transfer Extreme Essentials – No Customization

Let your customers know that they can purchase the Transfer Extreme® Essentials as is, or you can customize them even further with Easy Prints®!  Customize these decorated apparel products with your customer’s school name, mascot, sport, event, and whatever else they may need!  It’s so easy to do!

All that you have to do is:

  1. Go to the Transfer Extreme® Essentials page
  2. Order the type of Transfer Extreme® Essentials that you want (they come in packs of 10)
  3. Press the Essentials to the apparel item that you would like it on
  4. Go to the Easy Prints® section of our website and order the customized layout that your customer wants
  5. Align the Easy Prints® transfer on top of the Essentials transfer that has already been pressed to the apparel item
  6. Once aligned, cover both the Transfer Extreme® Essentials and the Easy Prints® Transfer with a cover sheet
  7. Heat Press the Easy Prints® transfer to the apparel item, on top of the Essentials
Transfer Extreme Essentials+ Easy Prints

The same Essentials with Easy Prints added! – Customized

Transfer Extreme® Essentials are a great way to grow your business!  They give you an option to provide to those customers who just want a fashion item and don’t care whether or not it is personalized, and it is great for customers who want that extra personalization.  You can make this product work for pretty much every type of customer that you will come across!

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