Tools to Design and Sell T-shirts


Becoming a Stahls’ Transfer Express dealer entitles you to access features of our website not seen by other visitors of To become a dealer all you need to do is place your first order and a Dealer ID and password will be assigned to you so you can access helpful features to help your t shirt printing business run smooth. You can find an explanation of some of the Dealer features below.

My Account
Your account is manageable on by scrolling down to “My Account” on the left column of the Transfer Express website. After you login you will be able to view any current orders placed and the status. You will be able to review details about your order after it is placed. You may reorder certain orders online after they have shipped also! Click on “Past Orders” under “My Account” to be able to view your order and reorder. There is also an image of the design so you can distinguish between screen printed transfer orders.

If you lost or misplaced any past invoices from Transfer Express you can view and print them out on your Dealers website. Click on “Past Invoices” to view any invoices after your order has shipped.

Several tools are exclusively protected for the use by Transfer Express Dealers only. These can be found under the “Tools” tab on the main homepage. Resize images to the correct proportions with the “Image Resizer”. If you would like to know how tall your 11″ wide image will be if you shrunk it down to 8″ wide use the image resizer to get the exact proportions. After resizing an image you can easily calculate the number of images you will be able to fit on our transfer sheet with the “Gang Calculator”. Type in the size of your image and the calculator will let you know exactly how many images will fit on a sheet. You can then order the number of sheets needed accordingly.

Order the exact number of Easy Prints® Numbers you need by using the “Number Calculator”. Several useful tools are given to our Dealers including calculating the quantity of number packs needed when all you have is a list of the player’s numbers with their names. There is no need to count them out by hand when all you need to do is type in their numbers and the calculator will give you the exact quantity of packs you will need. Several other ways to calculate the quantity of number packs needed is located here. Play around and use the tools that best suits your situation.
Have this website for your customer to use that contains our full line of clip arts, layouts and fonts. It does not display any information about Transfer Express or pricing! You can also link to your company website to allow customers to access the Idea Book from their home computers.

Easy View™ – Design your own t shirt art
This unique tool offered to our Dealers gives you the opportunity to customize each Easy Prints® layout in the Idea Book by changing the text, typestyles, clip art, and color. You can also print out your creation and show your customer for approval! You can then order your custom screen printed transfer order straight from the website! Use this tool also to create flyers for fundraisers. Design 2 layouts for the school and place them into a flyer layout also located on 
Let our websites make your ordering experience easier!