3 Ideas for Creating Custom Homecoming Apparel

It’s that time of year again; school spirit is at full swing as students and parents are preparing for the big game! It’s time to create custom apparel for homecoming court, football fans, and t-shirt formal wear!

Not sure how to sell t-shirts for homecoming? It’s easier than you think! Homecoming comes in two parts, usually a home football game on Friday and a dance on Saturday. Three specific ways to sell to Homecoming come to mind. The easiest way to sell for this annual school time event is to

1. Sell specifically for the big game that Friday night! You can create t-shirts specifically for the homecoming game or leave it more general for football so students and parents can wear them to every game!

Homecoming Football Tshirt Design - Layout: QFB-32

Right: T-shirt made specifically for the Homecoming football game Left: General football t-shirt that can also be sold for the game

2. You can sell t-shirts for the homecoming dance as well. These t-shirt designs can be themed or plain. All of our layouts can be modified in Easy View™ for your specific event. For example, for the Under the Sea t-shirt design below, I added the fish, starfish, and seashell clip art to the design, modified the colors, and changed the text.

Homecoming Dance T-shirts; Layouts QMT-48 & QSL-153

Left: Themed Homecoming dance t-shirt for Under the Sea theme; layout QMT-48 Right: Non-themed Homecoming dance t-shirt with mascot and school name; layout QSL-153

3. Since every Homecoming needs a king and queen, a Homecoming court is formed. You can create t-shirts specifically for those students in the Homecoming court as well. Create the below tuxedo t-shirts with layout QPR-14. These tuxedos could be great for those students attending the dance, if an actual suit is not required. Be sure to ask the school whether they are okay with their student wearing this faux tuxedo to the dance before you add it to your spirit apparel offerings. Another great t-shirt idea for homecoming court is the “Keep Calm” layout, QPR-15. The students on homecoming court can wear these t-shirts to let other students know who to vote for.

Homecoming Court T-shirts Designs: QRP-14 & QPR-15

Right: “Keep Calm” layout QPR-15 for members of the Homecoming Court Left: Suite layout QRP-14 with mascot for those on Homecoming Court and general Homecoming dance attendees

Try creating these apparel items for Homecoming weekend at the school that you sell your custom apparel to! Check with the school before creating the apparel so you know approximately how many to make and when they will need the finished product. Try more than just the layouts I have shown. By customizing our Easy Prints layouts, there is an infinite number of designs you can create!

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