3 T-Shirt Ideas for Fire Departments

If you are in the t-shirt business, a good potential niche market is your local fire department. Fire departments need custom shirts to wear in the fire house and under their bunker gear.

Fire Station T-Shirts

Every fire department needs a t-shirt with their station number on it.  This identifies the firefighter when out of uniform. These fire department shirts are a sense of pride showing the station they represent. In Easy View, our online designer, we have over 50 different professionally created designs to help customize art for your local fire department. Custom transfers make these shirts especially easy and economical because you can gang a left chest and full back print on the same sheet cutting your costs in half. You can also include various station numbers on the sheet, and cut and insert as needed for the various stations within the department you are heat printing these for.

In addition, our clip art selection has many of the Maltese crosses fireman use on the left chest print, ready to use and customize. We also have firemen, axes, hoses, and fire truck clip art ready for your use.

Reflective Fire Department T-Shirts

If the job requires a reflective t-shirt we offer in stock reflective transfers that say FIRE or EMS. These are printed in 3” letters.  FIRE is 8.25” wide and EMS is 8” wide. To customize you can add a metallic silver transfer above or below the reflective word.

Fire Department Family Member Shirts

An important part of this niche not to overlooks is the family member. Make shirts for the Firefighter’s children and spouses. You can use the same custom transfer used for the fire department and a name drop PROUD WIFE, PROUD HUSBAND or PROUD SON or DAUGHTER.

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