3 Transfer Selector Tools to Help You Choose the Best Transfer

We offer 14 different types of custom transfers. That can be overwhelming!

But choosing your transfer type comes down to two variables.

The two variables are:

  1. How many ink colors do I want printed?
  2. What material do I want my transfer to apply to?

From these two answers we can help you choose the best transfer and offer several tools to get you the one best choice.


Transfer Selector Tools

Quick view Chart

This chart shows you when you move from Goof Proof to Elasti Prints to UltraColor if you just want a 1 color print.



Online Selector

The online selector can be found both in the help section of the website and is built into the upload area where art is sent to get quotes.    Using just a few questions it will give you the one best choice.


Our Staff

If you ever need help we are here to assist you. Our Dealer Service team is available 8 am – 6 pm, eastern time, Monday thru Friday.

The team has gone through a lot of training about fabric types and what to use when.

We are also available via email info@TransferExpress.com during the same hours and even pop in late evenings and weekends to see if anyone needs help.


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