6 T-Shirt Packaging Ideas

Successfully sell custom t-shirts by standing out from the crowd.   A great design will increase sales. (and our online design tool, Easy View will help you create that)  But by adding some inexpensive, clever packaging you can generate more sales.     These ideas will make your customer want to buy the shirt as a great looking gift as well as enticing them to buy one for themselves.

Here are 6 T-shirt packaging ideas

  1.    Wrap It Like A Burrito

This idea is perfect for any shirt with a taco, margarita or southwest theme.     A piece of foil and a custom sticker and in minutes you are ready for the sale.   And as the recipient what a fun way to receive a t-shirt.   You can’t help but want to unwrap it.

  1. Upcycle Packaging

This idea is great for food or beverage themed shirts.    We used a strawberry container for our smoothie store, but you can also use a to-go coffee cup for I need coffee shirts or a Chinese take-out container makes clever packaging.  Again add that sticker to make it fun and yours

  1. Bundling

We have all purchased bundles—cable television loves them.   They can work for your t-shirt business too.   Here we “bundled” a can cooler and t-shirt.   Other bundles that work well are a cap/t-shirt, tote bag/t-shirt or window decal/t-shirt.

  1. Clever Folding

If you have ever been on a cruise you have come back to see a towel folded into an animal.   This idea uses that same concept.    You can be extravagant in your folding, or like this one keep it simple.   We rolled our outdoor themed shirt into a “sleeping bag”

  1. Perfect Pairing

This idea “pairs’ our wine themed shirt with a wine glass from the dollar store making it the perfect gift for a wine loving friend.      You can also use a Beer Mug/beer t-shirt or a coffee mug/coffee shirt.   For just $1 in cost, you can add $5 in sales

  1. Jar It

Similar to the above, we used a mason jar with our gardening shirt.


Want to learn more?   Watch Scotty talk about these ideas and how we created and ordered the transfer prints and stickers to implement the ideas.  All you need is a heat press

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