6 Top Selling Custom Apparel Ideas For Volleyball Teams

Bump, set and Spike yourself to big profits selling custom apparel to volleyball teams.   Most high schools start their girls’ school volleyball season in the fall, boy’s high school volleyball in the spring and AAU Volleyball plays in the winter and summer so there are teams playing all year around.

Here are some ideas for Volleyball sales:

Volleyball Uniforms

Every Team needs a uniform.   Often uniforms are a polyester performance wear that needs a print that will stretch and not scorch this heat sensitive product.    Be sure to check any rules for number size before decorating. For example, AAU requires a minimum size of 4” on the front, and 8” on the back.   Our Champ Pro numbers would be the best choice.  Most teams just use a team name above the number on the front, Express Names would be an economical choice.

Volleyball Warm Up

Warm-ups are the perfect addition to any uniform and you can get more creative with the printing.     A full zip top with the team name and coordinating pants lets the team enter the court in style.   When working with zippers you can choose to stay to one side or print over the zipper.   Just be sure zippers are not directly exposed to the heat.   To protect the zipper, fold an extra transfer sheet into a 2” width and cover.

Volleyball Spirt Wear

T-shirts, tanks, Long sleeve t’s and hoodies all make great spirt wear options. We have 130 templated layouts to make creating volleyball spirt wear art easy to create, share and sell.    Just choose a layout in Easy view, our online art designer, change the name to your team’s name, and the color to your team’s colors.   Use the share option to show some ideas to the team organizer.    Don’t forget spirit wear shorts, our rhinestone volleyball would look great on the short thigh area.

Volleyball Mom and Dad

Use the spirit wear transfers to create shirts for mom and dad.   If you have room on your transfer sheet add a couple MOM, DAD to the sheet and place on the shirt when heat printing.   Or use Express Names and order MOM DAD on the same line for just $1.75.     We also offer rhinestone Mom in script that can be put in the ball in many layouts


 Volleyball Bags and Backpacks

The volleyball player needs to carry their gear and all those awards they will win on the court.   These are typically denier polyester and easy to heat print.    It will be a little easier to heat print a duffle bag with an interchangeable platen.  Use extra space on your spirit wear order to create a logo for the bag and get the printing for free.

Volleyball Pink Pride

With girls’ high school volleyball season running the same time as Breast Cancer Awareness month, many volleyball teams will play a game or two during the season in pink.   We have special fundraising layouts for these important games    We also have pink ribbons that can be added to uniforms.

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