9 Christmas Gift Ideas You Can Heat Print

As a heat printer you can offer a lot of different low cost custom Christmas gift items.   We will show you 9 different ideas we created to inspire you!

For Baby

These Baby Cubbie Wee Snuggle Blankie are the perfect gift for the new baby.   We used left over space on a gang sheet to add a cute saying and added a name using Express Names.  The blank Snuggle Blankies are available from www.allstitch.net for just $7.50.    The Blankies are available with this elephant, or a unicorn, monkey, rabbit or teddy bear.   To heat print, position on your press with the heat draped off the platen and heat press according to the Goof Proof Instructions.


For the Traveler

If you are working with a company that sends their team on long flights, this custom neck pillow is the perfect corporate gift.   This pillow came from Amazon and the cover comes off for easy care and heat printing!   Add the company logo and have your customer give to their sales staff to make that next flight a little easier.

For the Sewer

For this gift we visited the local Dollar Store and purchased a frame.   Then used materials we had in our shop to finish the gift.    We printed extra fabric we had that was a little larger than our frame.   We then added stuffing and wrapped around the frame back and framed!

For Christmas Dinner

Add a custom touch to the dinner table by offering a set of custom napkins.     You can use your extra space on your gang shirts for the print.    We purchased a set of 6 blank napkins from  TJ Maxx for just $5.99 and then heat printed with a couple of our holiday clip art.

For A Little Down Time

A sleep mask from Bed, Bath & Beyond helped with this next custom gift, perfect for a stocking stuffer. Using a 2.5” x 6” digital transfer we can print 13 of these for just $25.   Add that to your $6.99 blank eye mask.    With a digital transfer you can add as many colors as you want with no effect on price, even a photo!

For Your Pets

Let your pet become a part of the fan with a spirit wear coat to cheer on his favorite team We purchased a blank coat from the pet store added a small image from our gang sheet that paired with our t-shirt order and pressed.

For the School Age Child

What is more fun than a gum ball machine?   This doesn’t even need heat pressed.  The same art you have used for the school t-shirt order can be reduced in size and custom vinyl decals ordered.    At just .35 each for the sticker and the $1 gum ball machine from the dollar store, these will fly out the door at a profitable margin

For Grandparents

Continuing with products that don’t need heat pressed.   Those same vinyl stickers can be used on plastic water bottles as a gift for hard to buy grandparents!   Just adhere and give!


For Family Members

All of our digital products are printed in full color so adding a photo of the family makes a great keepsake when applied to a tin, again from the dollar store.   You can use these vinyl photo stickers on almost anything—cookie tins, jewelry boxes, or storage cubes are just a few ideas.


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Gail Johnson

great ideas!

Dealer Services

Thanks Gail! Do you have any items you have heat printed as Christmas gifts?

Emily Clark

Well, these are really some amazing piece of ideas and I really appreciate that you shared these with us. Good luck for more wonderful work.

Dealer Services

Thanks Emily! Glad you liked them!


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