Add Style to Your Custom T-shirt Designs with Free Internet Fonts

Fonts are a good way to enhance your designs. Fonts themselves are a whole industry in itself. There are some people that design fonts for a living.

Searching for and downloading new fonts can be quick and easy. Once you know how, you can spend endless amounts of time searching for fonts that you like. There are literally thousands and thousands of fonts online that designers have created. Some fonts are free to use while others you must pay for. Most fonts have some sort of licensing agreement so you must know your end use when it comes to using new fonts.

Searching for new fonts can be fun. A certain font can really improve your design. There are different kinds that go with various types of designs.

To begin searching for new fonts, Google is the best place to start. If you don’t really know what you’re looking for, basic searches like “fonts” or “free fonts” will be a good start. If you have more of an idea of what type of font you would like, you might try more specific searches like “script fonts” or “block letter fonts”. Most font sites will have a variety. If you find a page you like, you can browse their selections. Some sites to try are or

Once you find a font you like, the next part is to download and install the font in the correct place on your computer in order to use it.

For this example, you found a font that will match the design you are working on. You simply download the font to your computer. Most sites will have a download button. Make sure to save it to a location where you can find the files for the next step. You may have to unzip the font. After you download and unzip the font if needed, there is one more step before you can use it. You must put the font file into the correct place on your computer. For Windows users, this location is C:\Windows\Fonts.

To move this file, open the folder that you downloaded. Copy the font file only. There are different types of fonts, so depending on the type of font you downloaded, it may have a different file extension. For this example, it is an Open Type Font, so the file extension is “.otf”.  Another common font extention is .ttf.

Font file to copy

Copy the downloaded font file.

Next, open your “C” drive (your computer’s hard drive) and then open your “Windows” folder. Inside the “Windows” folder, you will find the “Fonts” folder. Copy the font file into this “Fonts” folder.

Paste the file into C:\Windows\Fonts

Paste the font file into your C:WindowsFonts folder to use the new font.

That’s it! That’s all there is to downloading new fonts to use! However, if you have your design application open, some require you to close the program and reopen it before your font will be visible to use.

Now you can create new and edgy designs using unique fonts! In spite of this, if you’re like us, searching for fonts can be addictive and time consuming! It will suck you in to the infinite world of fonts! Enjoy! Remember if you create artwork with fonts you download you will need to convert it to curves before you upload it to us. Plus, if you upload art with a font you downloaded, list the font name in our upload notes area. This will help us if we need to make changes to your art.

Caution:  Be very careful on what you are downloading fonts. There are many viruses on the internet so make sure what you are downloading is safe. Stick to safe sites that you can trust. If you are unsure of a site, it is best to stay away from it.