Add Wow to Your Printing with Metallic Ink

Are you looking to differentiate yourself from the competition? Try our metallic ink to give you a look that is difficult to duplicate using other printing methods. Metallic inks are available in 10 different colors and can be applied to any shirt color.

Use Metallic Gold to add some sparkle

Popular Metallic Rose Gold

Metals Rock

In our Goof Proof and Elasti Prints ink formulas we offer metallic inks in silver, gold, graphite and rose gold.   These colors can be combined with other color inks and apply in just seconds.

Use Goof Proof for your t-shirts and hoodies and Elasti Prints for your 100% polyester shirts. If your order contains both 100% polyester and t-shirts, use Elasti Prints. While both Goof Proof and Elasti Prints will adhere to cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends; many polyesters are heat sensitive and the lower application temperature of Elasti Prints will prevent scorching.

If you have an athletic team that uses grey, the metallic silver adds that little extra to make you and the team stand out. Graphite is a great substitution for black, and metallic gold for old gold. The Metallic Rose Gold exploded into popularity as an iPhone color. As written in the New Yorker magazine, “As Apple knows better than anyone, we live in a rose-gilded age.” This color is perfect for cheer teams, dance teams and fashion wear.

Metallic Pearl Blue

Metallic Pearl Red

The Rest of the Metallic Ink Team

We also offer metallic inks in blue, pink, copper, red, green and purple. These metallic colors are sold as Pearl Prints and can only be ordered as a single-color print. These metallic ink colors are great for schools, since they are a unique variation to the school colors. The metallic pearl blue works for schools with a royal color, the pearl red for a red color, the pearl green for a kelly color and the pearl purple for a purple color. The pearl pink is a nice bright metallic pink comparable to bubblegum. Pearl copper is great when you need a copper color for coins and metal.

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