Applying transfers to TriBlend T-shirts

Triblend T-shirts are a type of t-shirt made from a fabric blend of three different materials-cotton, polyester and rayon.   This combination of materials creates a shirt that combines comfort, durability and a soft texture, making them a popular choice.    However, the rayon in the shirt is often one of the more heat sensitive fabrics and can increase scorching.   Not all Triblend T-shirts are the same and the blend used by a manufacturer can make a big difference.

For our testing we chose 7 popular shirt brands and the color black, expecting the darkest color to show any scorch lines the best.     We tested three of our products that all will adhere to Triblend T-shirts—UltraColor Max, UltraColor Pro and Goof Proof.

UltraColor Max is a direct to Film transfer (DTF) that applies at a low temperature of 290 degrees for 12 seconds.    It is a hot peel.  It is ideal for smaller prints or larger prints of a quantity under 18.

UltraColor Pro is a hybrid transfer using both digital and screen-printed technologies.    It is ideal for full color orders of a quantity of 18 or more, since this product does have quantity price breaks.   It applies to Triblend shirts at a temperature of 340 degrees for 10 seconds.

Goof Proof is a screen-printed transfer and our best seller.   It has a fast 4 second application and applies at a temperature of 365 degrees.   It is ideal for 1-2 color transfers when you need 18 or more transfers.

The t-shirt brands tested are available at Transfer Express apparel and  included Allmade, Bella-Canvas, District, Gildan, Next Level, Port & Company, and Sport-Tek.

Only one brand, Bella-Canvas had no scorching with all of the products.  The shirts that did scorch, it was honestly very hard to see.   But if we saw any mark, it was noted it did have a slight scorch.    Lighter colors will have little to no issues with all products.

Testing Results

Here is the chart showing you the results:


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