Pride T-Shirt Design Inspiration

June is Pride Month all across the country. From parades to other events, t-shirts make a colorful splash. Here are some Celebrate Pride t-shirt designs to inspire you.

Row of decorated Pride Month t-shirts, tank tops and hoodies.

Pride t-shirts are remarkably easy to design using clip art and shapes. In this post, we’ll feature three shirts you can do right in Easy View – and three that take a little CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator hocus pocus.

Love is love tank-top

This “love is love” shirt starts with a heart clip art. Using CorelDRAW, our designer used the power clipping technique to add the rainbow design to the background. If you’re not familiar with how to do that, here is a great post from Corel that walks you through each step of power clipping. You can also use Adobe Illustrator, where it is called a clipping mask. The transfer type we used was CAD-PRINTZ Opaque. It delivers the feel and vibrant color we were looking for at an economical cost.

Got Pride? t-shirt in black

The “GOT PRIDE” shirt was designed completely in Easy View. Simply place the text and stack rectangles side by side. From there, colorize each rectangle to each color in the rainbow. We also used CAD-PRINTZ Opaque for this design.

Born this way tank top

“Born this Way” uses the same power clipping technique as the “love is love” shirt to achieve the rainbow behind the word “way.” Again, CAD-PRINTZ Opaque was used as the transfer type.

Love Wins printed on a t-shirt

We wanted to feature a one-color design that is on-trend with the typography craze, and the “LOVE WINS” shirt delivers. Simply place text over a rectangle in Easy View and choose “show through” for the text. Since this shirt is cotton and a one-color design, we chose Goof Proof as the transfer type.

Straight out of the Closet printed on a white hoodie

Do you recognize the layout for the “Straight out of the closet” design? Layout QAL-534 comes to the rescue yet again! Start with the standard layout and add rectangles to the background. Much like you did in the “GOT PRIDE” shirt, colorize each block and send it to the background. This design also uses CAD-PRINTZ Opaque (seeing a pattern here?).

Black t-shirt with a rainbow colored pocket heat transfer

Lastly, we used our pocket clip art and the power clipping technique to add the rainbow design.

We hope you are inspired! Happy Pressing!

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