How to Order Class of 2023 T-shirts

The end of the school year is near. It is time to reach out to your local schools to see how you can help with year end t-shirts.

This would not only include high schools, but also preschool, kindergarten, and grade schools.


Tips for Getting the Order

  • Reach out to your local school or organization showing a customized design and selling price.
  • Offer to add a fundraising amount to the selling price for a class project or class fund
  • Offer an easy selling option, such as Spirit Sale to make the ordering and money collection easy


Class of 2023 T-Shirt Art Ideas

Creating art ideas and mock-ups to send to potential customers is easy. Your online designer, Easy View, is loaded with ready to customize templates. These Class of 2023 layouts can be found under the school tab.

Depending on your customer’s preference, there are three main categories to check out.

  • Class of:  This section has over 100 templates with Class of 2023. All you will need to do is add your school name and choose the school colors.


  • Class Lists:  This section is built for the class lists to be easily added to a professionally designed template. To upload your class list, first convert it to a txt file. And then click the import list button built on the left tool bar of the edit screen in the designer. In seconds, your entire list will be divided into columns and ready to show your customer.



  • Signatures:  Signature shirts are especially popular with smaller groups. With signature shirts, you would first need to order a template as a proof. Print out the proof and have the class sign the proof sheet with a Sharpie so the lines are thick enough to print. Scan and upload the artwork with the signatures.






Creating Mock-Ups

One of the most powerful tools in Easy View, is the ability to create mock-ups with your customized design. Download and email mock ups to your customer.

This puts you way ahead of your competition and will help you win the sale.

Find the mock-up button in the left tool bar. You can use apparel and models already loaded into the designer or upload your own item and model.

You also have the choice to send it with or without a watermark. If sending to a potential customer, you might want to protect the work you have done and change the watermark to your company name.




It’s Your Turn!

Log in to your account to start designing Class Of shirts immediately.

Or if you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up to get started. It’s fast, easy, and free!



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