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Cover Me – The Use of Cover Sheets for Transfer Application

Screen printed transfers come on their own cover sheet (the release paper they are printed on) so a cover sheet is typically not needed. However, occasionally you are putting a print on the same side as an already existing print which does necessitate the use of a cover sheet.

There are three different types of cover sheets.

Reusable Cover Sheets are sheets coated with the non-stick surface used on pots and pans. It is the most durable and long lasting of the cover sheets, but also the most expensive. Reusable cover sheets will change the finish of the print, too, creating a shiny gloss finish. These sheets are the heaviest and will take about 10 degrees away from the application so you may need to compensate for the loss of temperature when using this type of cover sheet by increasing the temperature. The sheet is reusable and can easily be wiped down for the next use. These sheets are sold individually through Stahls. The sheet size is 18” x 20”.

Kraft Paper is another type of cover sheet sold by Stahls ID.  It is sold in packs of 25, and is 15” x 19” size. Kraft paper is also reusable. Kraft paper does not change the finish of the print.

Transfer Express cover sheets are the least expensive and sold in packs of 10. The sheet size is 12.5” x 15” so it is the smallest of the three. These cover sheets are also reusable and do not change the finish of the print.

All three cover sheets do the job making your choice dependent on the desired finish, size you need covered and your budget.

Different Cover Sheets

Choose from a Transfer Express cover sheet, Kraft Paper or reusable cover sheet