A Custom Apparel Work Order Form – Ready for Download!

Our mission is to help you grow your t-shirt business and one way we have been asked to help is to create a custom apparel work order form to help you organize your orders.

We already have a template for a sales flyer to distribute to your customers, but when they all come back you want to create a worksheet so you know what to order and what to bill. We have a couple of ideas on how to help, but before finalizing a template for the custom apparel work order form, we wanted your feedback.

Post Update:

We asked for your feedback and WOW, did you ever come through with great ideas! Please find below the finished PDF for your use. Feel free to alter it any way you would like.

If you prefer paper and ink, you can print a bunch of these and ask your local printer to “pad” them for you. Or, if you use Adobe, you can fill in the document digitally.

Thanks for all of your great feedback. We hope you find this helpful.

As always, if you ideas for more items like this, just leave us a blog message or email info at transferexpress.com.

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Download the Custom Work Order Form Now


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How about an area to say to whom they turn in their completed form and money? And how are they paying — cash, check number, credit card info/ Finally, who they can contact with any questions (my info)?

Michala Arthur

I struggle with this – I would love to see a place to mark if I have the materials I’m stock or they need to be ordered.



I would like a line for me to indicate whether I have the shirt in stock, or need to order it. Also, the date I ordered and from what wholesaler.
I see the upper right section of the existing form, that could be used to fill my request, but if that is the case, then I still need to know when the order was received by me.


Darryl Mitchell

Wow, this is great. I think you have all the bases covered for the work order.

The only thing I can think of is, if we need a invoice or order number created or field for that if you create it yourself. We may not need it?

Thank you. (-:


There should be a spot for customization. Are they getting a name or number on the back of the shirt? The price for the up-charge if they are as well as the location of the name and number. (left sleeve, right sleeve, on back, right chest). There should also be a spot for the price up-charge of a 2XL and bigger. It is also helpful for us to write the team or organization name on these sheets. We have several work order forms we use regularly for different items. One for varsity jackets, one for t-shirt or other apparel orders and one sheet for items that need to be added to our website. I would be happy to share if you send me an email. These are very helpful tools and would encourage everyone to use them as they streamline our process and leave little room for errors.- Rachel

Howard DuBois

Delivery method, shipping, pick up local or at event…etc.

Lisa Stephens

This is great! I’d like to see a place to sign that the artwork was approved by the client.

Kilayah Payton

How about a version that includes a damage disclaimer if the customer is proving their own garments?

Shawn Byrley

Multiple layouts/shirt styles. I have customers wanting more than just one option for fan gear. Low end and high end options. All on one form if possible.

Shawn Byrley

Yes, this a great idea. maybe on the back side?


This is a work order to a vendor or if you are doing it yourself. Approval for artwork should be separate sheet form to be sign. Work order should have a PO, what vendor you’re buying it from what vendor doing the work in case you have to Source it out or it can be us. Pictures all possible locations of the logo or wording or numbers. Pricing of the cost of the work.. screen charges just in case they’re going to be silk screen, artwork, shipping, tax. A place where it shows cost and Retail or just labor so somebody could take it from the work order and correctly do an invoice for us.
My thoughts.

Leticia Sparks

Pricing for discounts on ordering multiples as well as per piece. Like a scale 1-10 is $×.×× 11-20 is $×.×× and so on.


A spot to choose what type of decoration is being used ie sublimation, screen printed transfers, HTV

Keisha Keys

A place to have your logo updated or inserted.


1) T Shirt Material %
2) Vinyls type glitters…
2) Sublimation…


Where can I get a copy of that

Dealer Services

Jose, it doesn’t exist yet. Right now, we’re collecting feedback. As soon as we get it designed, we’ll make sure to get it out on all channels.

Jerri Dyke

I think this is a great starting point.
I agree with the comments above. I think it also needs:
Vendor purchasing from garments from
cost vs retail
size of design
placement (good job with this one)

It seem you are gathering info from us and I think that is awesome! Thank you Transfer Express for helping us be a better business. It does not go unnoticed.

Dealer Services

That makes our day, Jerri! If you ever have ideas for more things like this, you are always welcome to email the info at transferexpress.com mailbox.

Epson Tech Support

Information worth sharing indeed.. Benefited!!! Thanks…

Dealer Services

So glad you found it helpful! Let us know if you have any ideas for other types of forms you’d like to see.

Dealer Services

Thanks Carol!


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