Custom Designs for Firefighter T Shirts

QLW-5 White Goof Proof® Plastisol Transfer

QLW-5 White Goof Proof® Plastisol Transfer

One of the most recognizable t shirts worn as a uniform is worn by a group that every city has. Fire Departments are a perfect place to offer your decorating services and gain recognition within the city.  The t shirts they wear on a normal basis are quite similar from one department to another in terms of decoration however some departments look for something a little different.

The most common decoration for firefighter t shirts is the Maltese Cross located on the left chest or full size on the front.  Transfer Express has a collection of popular parts of the Maltese Cross which can be used to arrange your fire departments logo. We can also print custom designs provided by your local fire department.

For the back, large bold text spells out the department’s name in common formats that can be found in the Text Only portion of the Idea Book™.  Choose from simple text or add an outline or a shadow to make the text stand out. You can use the Easy View™ design program on our website to show the local department different designs if they want to step outside of the box.

With the firefighters wearing their shirts almost everyday they will often be coming back for more.  Screen printed transfers are perfect for these last minute fill-in orders. You only have to print what you need and can store the transfers until the next time they stop in for a couple more.