Custom Shirts for Children’s Parties and Camps – Both a giveaway and a craft!

If you are selling to a group who is hosting a children’s event such as a birthday party, vacation bible school or camp, here is an idea to solve two problems at once. Create shirts that can be colored as an activity!

Ordering just a one color print keeps costs low and white t-shirts, perfect for coloring, are also budget friendly. Just choose one of our Easy Prints® layouts and order customized transfers for your event. Use the camp theme or try one of our party layouts. Or you can use your own art, and we will print the custom transfer for application. Then provide fabric paints or markers and let each child color their own shirt. The kids will love seeing their shirt come to life in color, and your customer was able to maintain their budget.

Custom Shirt for Children's Craft

Custom shirts are perfect for coloring as a children's craft at a birthday party or event